Thursday, August 27, 2015

1d6 Random Minor Relics of Hell Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the blackest deserts where the fires of Chaos & Hell rage under the uncaring gaze of the twin suns of Zol, the battles of the Gods deposit ancient relics and minor items that are forgotten upon the battlefields that range across the dimensions. Ancient half forgotten gods and warriors of virtue battles are joined under the gaze of uncaring alien god things. And on occasion outlaws & freebooters run across the remains of these battles long since over, these are minor relics and artifacts that carry with them the taint of Hell and corruption.

1d6 Random Minor Relics of Hell Encounter Table
  1. The giant splintered magic chain mail of some minor demon lord, the thing swarms with thousands of mutant spider things with human faces. They leer twitter and crawl across the chain. A pool of rot grubs crawls in the dust and much of the thing. Bits and pieces of demon flesh still cleave to the artifact. Make a Device saving throw or be affected by the Chaos energies rolling off of the thing. Worth about 20000 gold pieces to the right wizard. This relic will bring down the wrath of demon hunters on the heads of those who recover this item. 
  2. A black and filthy piece of a demon's heart flesh still seems to beat even as it bubbles and boils with the energies of Chaos, anything coming in contact with it must make a save vs death or be changed into a horrid form. Ordinary glass will hold it and brine will preserve this relic of evil, wizards may use this flesh to summon a minor demon of power or twelve imps. 10,000 gold pieces and the powers of law will be on the heels of those who seek these things
  3. A helm of darkest iron and glass that will fit a human head but the thing is covered in ancient and weird writing enabling the wearer to view  other times and places. These may drive a sane man mad but a wizard will pay handsomely for such vistas. A group of half demon cultists will seek this thing of power though as it calls to them in the night. 7000 gold pieces and wear is gained dark vision up to 30 feet. Wizards will murder for this helm. 
  4. Four perfectly mummified human & demon hybrid legs sticking from the sand, the body is 30 feet away burning nicely. These things are prized by necromancers but will begin to break down in 1d4 rounds and must be preserved in a salt and salt peter mixature. They can be used to summon 1d6 demonic horrors or smoked to send the user to Hell temporarily. Those smoking them have a 40% chance of risking a horrid mutation upon their souls and bodies. Worth 10000 gold pieces to the right alchemist but the local authorities may call in a witch finder on the person.
  5. A black shattered mirror with hundreds of pieces scattered around each piece holds a minor imp imprisoned within, there is a 40% chance of the little bastard escaping. These imps will be vicious and dangerous armed with a twisted piece of soul wire for their pitch forks. They hate order and will work about shorting out any electrical devices or relics that they can. They can bite for 1d6 points of damage and have 30% chance of carrying some sort plague or rotting disease. Those standing in the area where these shards are found have a 40% chance per round of encountering a swarm of these little infernal bastards. The mirror shards add a +3 for any summoning or infernal summoning right. Witch hunters will be after those who possess these items.
  6. A shattered remains of a shield that holds a damned  human soul in suspension for use as a force field but the thing has malfunctioned. Alien energies & colours drip from from it, those within a 20 yard radius will be subject to a color spray spell like effect. The thing is worth 2000 gold pieces to the right wizard. And those standing near it will be subject to a radiation check every 1d4 rounds.

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