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1d6 Random Wasteland Saints Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There strangers from other times and place out in the wastelands, some people call them prophets or saints. These wanderers are part of the wasteland landscape and from time to time can be encountered deep within the deserts and wastelands of accursed Atlantis. Here are 1d6 of these weird individuals with powers and abilities far beyond the pale of mortal mankind.Some say that these individuals are hold overs from before the time of the ancients and others claim that they are beings from other universes and places. Adventurers whom have encountered these beings are sometimes changed forever.

1d6 Random Wasteland Saints Encounter Table
  1. Cauglili The Prophet Of Eyes - This noble baring being wanders the wastelands with the abilities of a 6th level cleric and scribe. She has the baring of a noble woman of some ancient and distant royal court of some ancient and bygone age. Tends the mutated & injured in the name of peace. There is a 40% chance that she may identify and give information about relics and ancient artifacts. Three times per day she can heal the blind at the cost of one of the eyes of those healed. She put these eyes into a tank of preserving fluid at her side which will be used to bargain with powers from beyond the world for visions and prophecies for villages under her guidance.
  2. Caurgurimmirc The Finder of Lost Ruins - This saint and wanderer moves from town to town collecting information about local legends and stories about legendary places. He often uses these to coordinate with adventurers and freebooters under his influence. He sells this information for the price of a year off of the life of the adventurer. These years are used to add time to those who have been the victims of vicious and evil mutants with level draining abilities and life leech mutations.  Caurgurimmirc always has the appearance of a favorite uncle or relative of those talking with him. There are those who insist that he has the appearance of an alien demonic lizard is not to be trusted.
  3. Dulin The Wise and Scandalous - This being has the reputation of that of a saint who collects sins of the wasteland by healing the corruption of chaos with the power of his mind but there is a terrible price as the adventurer will suffer 1d6 ruminations of their lives. Dulin can take these away if the party does him a mission and favor before the new moon.  
  4. Enamilauglal The Servant of the Cracked Moon, this being wanders the wastelands collecting legends and scraps of the cracked moon from the ancient times. He is a 7th level wizard and scholar who knows the secrets of space flight and the sacred artifacts associated with it. He will advise and council those who wish to know the secrets of the stars. He can also heal damage and mutation caused by alien demonic powers from beyond the pale of the wastelands for three boons and a mission. He has the baring of an adventurer and nobleman along with eyes the colour of the moon goddess his patron.
  5.  Itulae The Mad - This saint is given over to the blessings of mutation and changes appearance every five hours as their flesh runs like hot wax on a summer's day. He can unleash a blast of pure chaos every three hours and Itulae The Mad can identify any genetic disorder or mutation on sight alone. He can and will offer advice on curing the mutation and its root cause. For him to treat any mutation will require a mission on the PC's part. They will also have to endure his endless tirades on the blessings of mutation and chaos as well.
  6. Lkotullilra The Wisdom's End - This wandering prophet loves to give advice on relics and treasure, she has the ability to identify and operate any treasure or relic brought in to her possession. She can heal serious wounds with a touch every three hours and once a week raise the dead as per the spell. She will ask a major mission of the characters but will supply provisions and some relics from her rather large flock. She is often given to strange prophecies once per week but these will require a major relic on the PC's part to impart her wisdom and advice upon a party.

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