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1d6 Ye Liveliest Awfulness Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Coming face to face with the horror that is summoned is often summoned from  beyond space & time in the form of the Ye Liveliest Awfulness can be both incredibly dangerous and some of the worst adventure experiences for freebooters and outlaws in the wastes of Accursed Atlantis. There are horrors that come from far beyond the Pale and threshold of our mundane world that will give even the strongest sword had pause as the sanity bending strangeness reaches from beyond the grave for the souls of adventurers.
Here then is a table of these horrors for your PC's to encounter!
Meanwhile arrangements had been made with the post riders to intercept Joseph Curwen's mail, and shortly before the incident of the naked body there was found a letter from one Jedediah Orne of Salem which made the coöperating citizens think deeply. Parts of it, copied and preserved in the private archives of the Smith family where Charles Ward found it, ran as follows.
I delight that you continue in ye Gett'g at Olde Matters in your Way, and doe not think better was done at Mr. Hutchinson's in Salem-Village. Certainely, there was Noth'g but ye liveliest Awfulness in that which H. rais'd upp from What he cou'd gather onlie a part of. What you sente, did not Worke, whether because of Any Thing miss'g, or because ye Wordes were not Righte from my Speak'g or yr Copy'g. I alone am at a Loss. I have not ye Chymicall art to followe Borellus, and owne my Self confounded by ye VII. Booke of ye Necronomicon that you recommende. But I wou'd have you Observe what was told to us aboute tak'g Care whom to calle upp, for you are Sensible what Mr. Mather writ in ye Magnalia of ------, and can judge how truely that Horrendous thing is reported. I say to you againe, doe not call up Any that you can not put downe; by the Which I meane, Any that can in Turne call up Somewhat against you, whereby your Powerfullest Devices may not be of use. Ask of the Lesser, lest the Greater shal not wish to Answer, and shal commande more than you. I was frighted when I read of your know'g what Ben Zariatnatmik hadde in his ebony Boxe, for I was conscious who must have tolde you. And againe I ask that you shalle write me as Jedediah and not Simon. In this Community a Man may not live too long, and you knowe my Plan by which I came back as my Son. I am desirous you will Acquaint me with what ye Black Man learnt from Sylvanus Cocidius in ye Vault, under ye Roman Wall, and will be oblig'd for ye lend'g of ye MS. you speak of.
From the Case Of Charles Dexter Ward By HP Lovecraft.
1d6 Ye Liveliest Awfulness Random Encounter Table
  1. Something dark, decayed and highly dangerous to sanity slithers from the tomb as if its some kind of horrid insect like undead thing. The limbs move in inhuman directions and a strange witch fire burns from  within the decayed and juicy melon of a head. This thing has mummy rot and yet has the stats for a ghoul, a weird necklace of red gold 5,000 gold pieces hangs from its broken neck. 
  2. This weird undead thing has been animated sometime in the distant past and now it has taken on the form of tanned leather like skin but its muscles and bones conceal disease causing slime that now passes for organs within its form. These are almost blatter like organs that work and move with powerful magicks and purpose to prey upon the living. Counting as a fast moving wight, this thing seeks to do violence and harm on the living. There is a scroll of 1d4 1st level black magick spells sewn into its mouth and though it can't speak once per day its gaze can cause fear as per the spell. 
  3. A six fingered clawed horror with a worm eaten face moves with the grace of a dancer and the hunger of a zombie. Yet it has the paralysis abilities of a ghoul and its appetite for flesh is fueled by the ancient magicks of the Necronomicon. It haunts its ancient byways and former home now long turned to dust. It seeks the vital spark of the living and has a cache of wizard's tools hidden in a nearby hole. There are 1d4 minor sorcerous artifacts and relics. 
  4. This former person has decayed and devolved in their sanity till now they are little more then an undead animal hell bent on feeding on the living. They are decayed and slimy but there is an aspect of an almost but not quite cat like aspect to them including the slit eyes and powerful jaws of a lioness or other wild monster. They gain +2 to all bite attacks and they're claws can cause a burning fever of horror to their prey should they survive. The thing's skin is white livid and patchy in places as it oozes with cancer causing pus and decaying vital fluids. There is 200 gold piece necklace around its broken neck. 
  5. This strange hunter of the living moves across the landscape on weirdly mutated feet and has a sinister grin not unlike a clown with lots and lots of fangs. The thing is in an almost but not quite decayed fluid like state. It attacks with +1 damage claws and a wicked bite, the thing will hang on for dear life as the prey struggles. It likes that it worries its prey with claws, fangs, and a disease causing bite. The thing will tear chunks from its prey. 
  6. This is a strange encounter with thing more beast then man, the undead thing is almost but not quite monkey or ape like. The thing does +3 damage to its prey as it moves with a pent up rage and violence upon those around it. The creature hungers for those souls around it. It will stalk and kill as a vampire with a pre mediated plan of violence and degeneration upon its victim. This might take several days but she will attack with a surprising violence. She has the abilities of a ghoul but likes to get in close and personal with its prey animals or victims.  There is a tomb nearby with several golden artifacts and relics of the time when this horror walked the Earth as one of the living,

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