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1d6 Random Weird Treasures Of The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaigns


   There are strange and magnificent things that exist in the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis, hidden treasures,relics, and weird objects that can harrow, cause horror in the adventurers that find them. These items are beyond the realm of the possible and enter the realm of the dangerous and strange. Magick and perhaps more then a touch of the demon go into the creation of these objects. Here are  1d6 Random Weird Treasures Of The Wastelands to cause your PC's and adventurers no end of headaches.
1d6 Random Weird Treasures Of The Wastelands Table
  1. A set of jewels that belonged to the spider demon queen of the underworld woven from the skeins of her enemies and fellow demons, these jewels are worth 70,000 to a 100,000 gold but in order to claim your prize you must survive the curse of wasting; for those that find these jewels become food for the children of the spider queen. The jewels however will have 1d6 random magick powers usable once per day and these jewels seem to call to those who find them. Men will kill to possess them and their legacy of evil and destiny. 
  2. A set of golden bones of the demon gods, these items are inscribed with the wisdom of the minds of wizards stripped down to their essence. Each bone tells the story & odyssey of the wizard who longed to possess these treasures. But each bone is also the soul of their victims and it allows the owner to cast 1thru 6th level spells once per day. But for each use after a new moon there is a 60% chance of the ghosts of the previous owners trying to take possession of the new owner. At the zenith of the full moon, the bones will level drain and desiccate the owner's soul into the treasure which currently stands at twenty bones now worth 80,000 gold pieces. Countries have gone to war over these treasures for these things can predict the future every ten years. 
  3. An orb of the prophet, made from the third eye of a giant of the damned, this item allows the owner to gaze into Hell and pull upon those energies to mutate the innocent and dangerous alike. The owner of this item is able to project a stream of pure Chaos from his finger tips in a 100 foot radius around the owner. Those hit by this stream of chaotic awful must make a mutation check and device save or become a twisted wreck of themselves as 1d30 random mutations rupture acrcoss their bodies. 
  4. A staff of the weird made from the fused spines of the previous owners. This staff allows the owner to know the powers and mutations of a target within 30 feet of the owner. The staff is directly connected to the source of all magick and can cast 1d4 low level tier spells once per day. The owner can subject himself to the forces of magick and gain 1d4 temporary mutations but these will never be permanent and after 1d20 hours they will fade back into the blackness of temporary existence. 
  5. Cut crystal gem of Cg'rrus, this gem is a gateway to an entire existence and it allows the owner to pass into this realm. The owner will be changed by the massive chaos overload into a temporary demonic form. Roll this from the AD&D Dungeon master's Guide. random demon guide. 
  6.  A cut jeweled crown of the wastelands that allows the owner to take over the A.I.'s of certain non aligned A.I. wasteland gods, but there is 30% chance of the A.I. reaching into the owner and scrambling their code so that demonic changes as well as mutations result. This horror happens with incredible viciousness.The jewels seem to be actually cursed and no force can take these changes away from  someone without the gods finally getting tired of cleaning up the entire mess and scattering the jewels to the four winds.

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