Monday, August 3, 2015

Encounter At The Space Port - Actual Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Rpg Play Event

Tonight's kip for my gaming bag featuring everything that got used at my table tonight.
New month and a new leg of my home brew campaign along with a new venue for my players in tonight's game. The setting for this is the edge of the former Russian Collective States now the home to the former Tartar Empire. One of the world's largest still functioning space ports sits here smack near one of the most dangerous deathlands in the world of Accursed Atlantis. Mutants, demons (lots and lots of demons), and a ton of extra dimensional horrors are just waiting to devour the PC's. Even though I'm using Fantastic Heroes and Witchery as the basis rules set for this game, resources such as the Teratic Tome from Neoplastic Press, the high octane gore and monster fest Lusus Naturae ,  The Lamentations of the Flame Princess Referee book Grind House edition, &  the Rules & Magic book for the LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Game.
   The fact is the guide lines in these books have provided me with hours and hours of potential material. The PC's landed in the local space port and weren't sure where the hell they were. The star system was completely foreign to them. 2889  proved to be far more dangerous then they were expecting. From the temples of Law, the weirdly alien elves and the six mile high black cube space port. Things were alien, dangerous and proved to be a trip for them.
Several of the suggestions for monster encounters from Teratic Tome blended quite nicely with the material from Lusus Naturae and the PC's almost bought it thinking that this was regular D&D. I kept the encounters loose, dangerous, and unique with the PC's taken aback at the alien nature of the setting. From the dry sea bottoms, to the volcanic nature of the wastes, to the abhuman tribes that routinely dealt with the inhabitants of the wastelands, this wasn't quite what they were used to. They learned about an other dimensional wizard's tower and the twisted demonic monster that dwells within it from the local alien elves. Another fact that came home to the players was the fact that  each factor from the games before this one dove tail into each other. PC's are facing down plot hooks that evolved months and months ago.
What will happen with the information that the party picked up tonight? When will this information come home to roost only time will tell.  Lessons that I learned in the LoFP Referee book got put to good use in tonight's game. There will be a follow up gaming using the LoFP system coming up on Wednesday hence why I've been leaning heavily on the free grind house edition LoFP Referee book.  

The way I see it, write one campaign setting use it as a kitchen sink setting for a multiplicity of retroclone systems and you won't be wasting a ton of time on worrying about the campaign setting. The DM always has one on the go and its easy to drop anything from OD&D style adventurers to the latest refugees from lost Carcosa. The whole matter seems to be dependent on the number of players and if you can maintain control over your own imagination while letting the PC's run ramshackle over the entire campaign world. All in all this was a pretty damn fine game tonight and it went very well. More coming up as it develops.


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