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1d6 Random Hell Tainted Adventurers Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

Those adventurers who terry with the forces of Chaos and Hell often find themselves on the the path towards complete and utter damnation regardless if they want it or not. Some go mad and others are dragged into the waiting arms of the forces of the infernal. Those who encounter life shattering material or powerful artifacts of the demonic can become tainted by the things and powers of Hell. A save vs poison must be made first as the person is removed from the normal mortal coil. The victim will no longer eat, have to sleep, dream or breath. After 1d4 days the victim may gain dark vision up to sixty feet and a world of darkness as well as the abyss of life itself opens around them. Their bodies may be wracked by incredible pains and a horrid fatigue may set in after which the victim must make a save vs death. Or the victim will pass yet further into the clutches of  Hell gaining the  immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). The victim may at this point become stalked by a minor demon or devil like life form that may come to claim them and drag them down into the Pit . There is a 40% chance that they may gain the symptoms of  ghoul plague with 1d6 hours turning into a mindless form of the damned. A very hungry form of the damned. Friends,family, pets, etc. are all on the menu, and within the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis this is an all too common occurrence.
Many of these horrors have the characteristics of zombies, ghouls, etc. but in actuality they are simply the damned. And they must be put down for the greater good of those around them. Destruction, chaos and damnation are these creatures hallmarks.

1d6 Random Hell Tainted Adventurers Encounter Table
  1. 1d4 adventurers who have braved the fires of destruction in the deep wastes to recover gold and relics are not aware that they did not survive the experience. They speak among themselves and as 3rd level fighters still bear with themselves energy weapons and the wounds that took them. Three of them bare the signs of ghoul plague and their wounds squirm with undead maggots. They have 1d100 pieces of Hell gold with them and relics. A demonic horror is already hunting them it will find them and anyone helping them will be considered fair game for the Hells. 
  2. A mercenary captain 5th level fighter who has lost everything stumbles from the wastelands. He carries a gold casket which houses the still living head of his wife. He will tell the tale of warfare in the wastes against a horrid demonic thing and how it killed his family and only he escaped with his 'treasure'. He is armed with a laser pistol of baroque design and a +2 sword. He is however one of the damned and has a chest wound that he hides.  He is completely insane and in 3 hours his patron from the Fires will be coming for him. 
  3. An old woman named Annabelle stumbles from the heat of the desert dressed in rags, her flesh withered as leather and yet she moves on pitifully.  Begging for help, she will tell her story of surviving a demonic raid and the murder of her family who were mercenaries.  In actuality it is she who betrayed her husband for infidelity  and turned the  whole lot over to the demons.  She is 4th level wizard with a demonic patron who even now awaits her signal for more victims. She has 60 pieces of Hell gold to taint adventurers if necessary.
  4. A priestess of the light needs adventurers to help her rescue her former party who were captured by demon worshiping mutants in the deep wastelands.  This 2nd level cleric bares the robes and weapons of her order but she has betrayed them to the forces of darkness and must now bare more to her masters. She has the scares of  Hell upon her person and even now is slowly turning to the darkness within herself. She has a master work laser pistol and gauntlets of stunning that belonged to her father.
  5. An ancient warrior and father figure of a nearby wasteland community is looking for his family. He rides his old warhorse and needs a bit of supplies and gold to help his cause. What he doesn't realize is that a horde of 1d8 damned follow in his wake to wherever he goes. His body bears the scars of damnation and even his +2 sword is rank with the gore  of war and slaughter. Hell rides with him.  
  6. An ancient priestess has been infected with this curse and moves across the world spreading her evil with her. But a virtuous warrior or paladin may remove the curse but will they be in time. Mercs hunt her because she has a valuable relic with her.

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