Sunday, August 16, 2015

1d8 Random Architectural Salvage With A Twist Table For Your Old School Campaigns

A small piece of building or an inscribed carved piece of alabaster might not seem like the most likely treasure in the wastelands. Yet with so many pieces of debris and other refuse thrown up by the destruction of Atlantis who knows what sorts of weird finds and strange pieces of temples, buildings, and other weird finds are lurking in the wastes. Given that some have found inscribed pieces of magick, sorcerous wisdom, and even the secret names of minor gods. There is a 10% chance of coming across

1d8 Random Architectural Salvage With A Twist Table

  1. A square piece of cut green porclien like material that contains row after row of weird characters and names of damned souls. Looking over these strange patterns might reveal several names of minor demons and elemental courts. The piece carries with it the lost souls of twisted Atlantis, using a detect magic or chaos spell will summon a lost soul from Hell. 
  2. A piece of fused volcanic glass like material that contains a human like hand with clawed fingers clutching a magick scroll. There are 1d4 random black magick spells on the scroll. Breaking this fragment will summon a black warrior from the Outer Darkness who will seek to murder the PC's. Fights as a second level warrior, can only be hit by magical weapons. 
  3. This block of alabaster material has hundreds of designs of artwork dedicated to the spider woman saint, this stone will confirm a curse of destine upon the brow of those who examine it. All attacks will be at a +1 until the next new moon. A spider demon will appear and demand a boon from the PC who had this blessing confirmed upon. 
  4. A box made of brass and stone, its purpose has been lost to history. But it is covered in hundreds of glyphs of alien aspect and weirdness. It glows in the darkness. Each new moon a strange demon like monster will randomly move it to a new location. Capture the monster and it must reveal one of the alien secrets of the box. This will involve an adventure and date with destiny. 
  5. A stone that records the echoes of the night and destruction, each morning at three am a bunch of damned souls will appear chained to the end of this stone and will seek any wizards in the area and try to trick them into freeing these damned souls. Each soul is a trader to his or her wizard's guild and will seek to murder any wizards that they can. But they must truthfully answer any questions put them about the underworld. There are three silver rings of magical aspect hidden in a secret compartment in the stone. 
  6. A single block of material made from the back bone of a giant, this block floats 1 foot off the ground. It is carved with the wisdom of the ancient fallen angels and enables those who hold it to command one story or answer from the elementals who are drawn to the thing because of its glyphs. 
  7. This strange stone is shaped like an octagon each facet holds a soul, each one a victim of a demonic pact. These souls call to the sun and bring good weather each morning; they may call upon rain and fire each new moon. They will reset the growing seasons and enable harvests produce 4X times the usual out put from a farming village or homestead. Villages have gone to over this stone and the thing's demonic master watches over its where abouts. And he feeds from the chaos and violence of its presence. 
  8. This block carries with it, the songs of rebirth and prophecies of destruction. Wizards or clerics reading this piece can learn 1d4 black or gray spells but they're sanity will erode as the prophecies worm their way into the owner's brain. The owner will lose one temporary point of wisdom for each day spent around the thing. Those using its seductive and sinister spells over 1d4 weeks there is a 20% chance of a permanent 1d3 points of wisdom.

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