Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Free Old School Science Fiction and Horror Magazine - Prodimension Magazine #16

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    We see Dark Conspiracy's alien and science fiction old fanzine! This issue covers the gamit of material. I've got a quick article between the pages. Protodimension Magazine is a fanzine devoted to the wonderfully creative world of conspiracy horror role playing. Here's a look at the articles in this season's share of weirdness. 

    • Dithering in the Dark, Words from the chief by Tad Kelson
    • Corrigan’s Fury, A pitch set in the Dark Conspiracy universe by Geoff Skellams for the DramaSystem Series
    • Nazis, Cthulhu and Mutants, Oh My!, Interview with Chris Birch by Lee Williams, Game Business Insight
    • The Toll of Madness, A vignette encounter by CW Kelson III (Tad) for Call of Cthulhu
    • The Mysteries of Vaal-Al, Part 1, Dark history catches up by Ron McClung for Dark Role Playing
    • Breshingridge Center, A mad, mad location by Ron McClung for Dark Conspiracy
    • Derrin, A character…A Mouse… by Tad Kelson for Atomic Highway
    • All I Have Left Is This Lousy Shield Made Out Of a Stop Sign, Discussion on the post-apocalypse genre by CW Kelson III (Tad) for the GM
    • The Last Guardians #1, Fey fiction by Herb Severson for Inspiration and Enjoyment
    • The Last Man on Earth, Movie inspirations by Eric Fabiashi for Inspiration!
    • The Rukh, Socotran denizens by Norm Fenlason for Dark Conspiracy
    • The Whistleblower, Investigating corruption is a dangerous business by Richard Hayden Dark Conspiracy Fiction
    • Dark Seed: The Gin Mill, A liver-challenging proto-dimension by CW Kelson III (Tad) for Dark Conspiracy
    • The White People, A horror story by Arthur Machen Remembering the Heritage

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