Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five Old School Sci Fi Cult Movies As Inspiration For Your Old School Space Opera

Today I've been in a post Cyberpunk kinda mood today, I remembered renting, viewing and getting into all of these old school movies and animes back in the day. Today I stumbled upon this blog entry on using mecha in your Xplorers game. Right over HERE

Gunhed movie trailer 1989 
Robo Jox 1990
Cyber City 1990
HardWare 1990 

Bubble Gum Crisis 1987
About ninety percent of this material is easily done in Stars Without Number RPG HERE  and much of it is easily obtainable in many old school retroclone games.
For off world failed colonies, cyberpunk weirdness, and loads of high tech retro future junk these old school 80's and 90's movies and animes are mostly forgotten. 


  1. I've never heard of Gunhed before, but it looks awesome. I need to check it out.


  2. If your into the older Taho style robot movies then Gunhed would possibly up your alley. There was also a graphic novel series way,way, back in 1989. The Gunhed stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea but they are 'classic' to fans of post apocalyptic and cyberpunk style sci fi movies. :-) Hope you enjoy it.

  3. 'Yay' ;-)
    Ya old Viking X plorers I'm getting the sense that you'd like to see more of the game here. Fine, I'll grab a few more resources and then dive into into the system myself. Make sure you grab the other parts of the article or you'll miss the best parts! thanks for the comment!


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