Friday, February 28, 2014

Review and Commentary Free OSR Resource From Dragon's Foot - The Village With No Name By Robert James For Your Old School Campaign

Grab It Right Over
Here's a great Old school first edition AD&D resource that is perfect for both the causual pick up game or an extended mini campaign for a group of both seasoned or solid beginning players who need a leg up into a campaign.

Blurb From Dragon's Foot :

Along the road in a distant location is a village with no name but with citizens under siege by a gang of evil rogues, adventurers and rubes. Who will confront these men and their leaders? And what twist of fate awaits the PCs? 

The Village with No Name is an AD&D 1st Edition Adventure for a party of 1st-to-3rd level adventurers. It is the first instalment in a multi-part series of adventures. It can be played separately or as part of the larger series.
This is a nineteen page quick play pdf with every thing a DM needs to get into the action of an old school retroclone game. Easily adapted into about ninety percent of the retro clone games on the market.
 X plorers and Stars Without Number are two of the games that spring to mind when reading this one. I've used this game as a base adventure for the following: 
"This is a perfect adventure to introduce a group of players to a small failed colony world for a space based game with a science fantasy overlay that can be adapted into a solid campaign world. Because this is an AD&D first edition game many of the science fiction retroclones are easily plugged into this one. A solid and easily adapted adventure with plenty of room for the DM to do some adapting for his or her own campaign."
With a bit of work this wonderful little free Dragon's foot resource could be adapted as a post apocalyptic location that has sunk into the mire of another Science Fantasy dark age. But this might take a bit of work on the DM's part. 

The Sword and Sorcery Option

Because of it's set up and the way this is written. This adventure makes an excellent option for a DM of an Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea campaign. This one has everything that a DM needs to get the players in broiled in a deep end of the lake campaign involving thieves, cut pursues, and much more.  The maps, locations, and material have a universal appeal that makes this a very clever piece that canm be used to introduce players into the world of Hyperborea with very little adaption on the DM's part.
This is a nice out of the way location that players can use again and again once the initial adventure is run. The DM can use this material as a spring board for many of the ideas we see in games like  AS&SH as well as others.
There's enough NPC's, action, and ideas where this one might be used as part of a larger adventure waiting to happen. These might include Lovecraftian horror or even a Conan style invasion location. 
All in all this a very handy resource for the DM to have in his arsenal. 

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