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The Free OSR Resource - Half Ogres For both Labyrinth Lord And OSRIC As Well As Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns


Ogres are six hundred pounds of nastiness and low level horror waiting to happen to a D&D party. They also tend to spawn half ogres who I've had players use in many games over the years. They also make a great race for a science fiction campaign as well.
According to Wiki :

"Typically Ogres stand between nine and ten feet tall and can weigh up to 650 lbs. Ogres are closely related to trolls, and are distantly related to the various races of giants."

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Half Ogres make great PC's. They're perfect for opening large doors, dealing with unruly political problems, and generally make solid bounty hunters in both fantasy games and post apocalyptic settings as long as they don't eat the bounties.
Half Ogres For The Labyrinth Lord Game 
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Half Ogres For OSRIC

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 Half Ogres appeared in Dragon issue #73 (May 1983). And ever since I first started seriously running  the game they've been with me as far back as grammar school and have mixed it up as a mutant type in Gamma World as well. They've also appeared in the old Buck Rogers game as a genie type as well. Half Ogres are easily incorporated into science fiction backgrounds as a stable mutant race. The movie 'Wizards' certainly had some interesting ideas for using mutant races as 'fey' and so the half ogre became one of my go to races to use as a stable mutation. 

Given the nature of the ogre mercenaries in various games its easy to see the half ogre running around any number of campaigns. 
Flexible, dangerous, and not as powerful as their parents these warriors for hire are perfect for journeying into the wasteland as well as the dungeon just don't let them eat the bounties. 

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