Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Jack Kirby Maps As Rpg Inspiration For Your OSR Campaigns

Just some of the wonderful works of comics master Jack Kirby as inspiration for your old school super hero rpging. I don't own these images and I'm posting them with the links to the blogs where I originally found them. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

A map of Asgard. Map of Asgard Journey Into Mystery Annual #1. July 1965
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These were part of the movie concept art from a movie called Argo that Mr.Kirby was hired for.
According to the article right over HERE
"journalist Joshua Bearman, who wrote the original article that was the basis for Affleck's film, explained the story behind the real Argo, which was titled Lord of Light at first: "Argo was the name Tony [Mendez] gave to a script that was in turnaround and sitting in a pile at [makeup artist John] Chambers' house," he said. "That script was... adapted from a successful Roger Zelazny science-fantasy novel of the same name."

From Fantastic Four #6 (September 1962), art by Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #3 panel
From Fantastic Four #3 (March 1962), art by Jack Kirby

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  1. Lord of Light is one of my favorite books. I've seen that concept art before and I wish that Kirby had been able to do a graphic novel of the book.

    I can't imagine a better match than Kirby for drawing that story.

  2. Lords of Light is a fantastic book and I too wish that he'd had a chance to pull that one off as a graphic novel. I really miss the 'King of Comics', he remains a favorite of mine. Love that story as well.
    Thanks for the comment and more to come Fractalbat.


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