Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Commentary On The New Godzilla Trailer For Your Post Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Juliette Binoche, Bryan Cranston, Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairin, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe star. GODZILLA is out May 16th.

This is a really dark version of Gozilla that harkens back to the original ninteen fifties monster films and I get the feeling that this Godzilla is going to be a force of nature. The trailers I've seen so far make Godzilla look like the end of mankind. If this is the start of the end for man. Could this be the beginning of your post apocalyptic game?
I've seen friends use the big 'G' in the past. And this doesn't look like anything new when it comes to a Mutant Future style game. 
If we start looking at the weapons,armor, etc for a post apocalyptic style game suddenly the power of some of those weapons makes sense.  I believe that this is a direct link back to the original '54 classic and all this time the monster has been growing. The trailers point to it. Suddenly Godzilla as the cause of a post apocalyptic event is likely and very scary. Mutation from giant monsters isn't new but it is very interesting as well as intriguing.

As DM's we've got to be careful when it comes to dealing with this sort of genre though. We move too far to the left or right we lose the sense of fun with these and dive down into the giant monster as the man in the rubber suit thing. Yet there has to be a sense of fun with these.

This is a very dark trailer and it could be a very interesting movie. One of the aspects of the movie Rodan that I loved as a kid was the minor monsters that lived on the larger monster. There was this whole ecology when it came to that Toho film. This new film given the size of this version of Godzilla might have even more minor monsters to cause problems in your post apocalyptic games. 

Pacific Rim had whole sub categories of minor creatures and organs that made the film very interesting to think about in game terms. This Godzilla is a force of nature and perhaps only the survivors may have time to exploit the nature of this creature. All in all are we looking at a whole new dawn of a giant monster movie?
The trailer looks very good and this new film has some very intriguing aspects to it! 
Very gamable aspects in point of fact! 


  1. The new Godzilla movie is looking really good.

    Using kaiju as the source of an apocalypse in a PA type game is an interesting idea. The players have to keep from being underfoot of the monster(s) while scavenging to survive, with perhaps a long-term goal of the campaign taking out the monster so the process of rebuilding can begin.

    Or, if you want a really gonzo PA game, just throw in the kaiju along with the usual cast of mutants, cyborgs and homicidal robots. :)


  2. I'd say a mix of the two would probably be in order to move the game forward. There's a lot to recommend the approach for post apocalpytic gaming. The take would be different and more then slightly weird, enough to keep players interested and move things in a whole other direction.
    Thanks for the comment and more coming down the pike!


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