Friday, February 21, 2014

Review and Commentary On Free OSR Resource For Your Sword & Sorcery Campaign - Beneath The Dark Shroud Peaks By Stuart Marshall

Grab It Right Over
We get another entry into the Melford series of Dragon foot modules that started with Spider Farm. Well written and worth the download these are classic AD&D style modules that start the PC's on a trail of bread crumbs until they're deep into the complex plots that seem to surround Melford.  Melford reminds me of a nineteen fifties town where the events of the supernatural collide with normal life and the PC heroes must deal with these events time and again. 
The Dragon's foot blurb :
Once again evil threatens the town of Melford and only you can help!

Bad times in Melford

This module is geared for AD&D and most of the retroclones. There is a  definite pulp vibe that really runs through these modules. This is pretty high level adventure with a very interesting dungeon crawl tucked right into the background of this. This really works as a high level minor campaign. The Melford region is a really large trouble point and works a vector for a campaign to attach itself to any of these modules. This has been done on purpose and its a pretty neat gimmick for old school campaign play.
 If I was a farmer in the Melford region I'd be packing my family up and moving to the next valley. However this makes a great place to set adventure because of the linked play that happens in the chain of the Melford modules. All in all this i
s a solidly written adventure.

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