Friday, February 7, 2014

Realms of Chaos 80's Blog Shout Out Two - The Retinue of Matthias Witherheart Champion of Malign

Matthias Witherheart Champion of Malign
Find The article right over

So the guys over at Realms of Chaos 80s have been incredibly busy and we're treated to an article on The Retinue of Matthias Witherheart Champion of Malign. This isn't simply a demon and his retinue but a god whose raiding, dragging back demons, and has a whole retinue of chaos warriors in his employ!
 I first posted about the blog right over HERE
 Where I laid out the history of Realms of Chaos and Slaves to Darkness. Seems as though the guys over at the blog are following right down the twisted path of Chaos by posting their own creations right in the twisted shadow out of Slaves To Darkness.
 In the author's words:
"So, with the help of Mick Leach of Eastern Front Studios and Tony Ackland, I have crafted this little article for your reading pleasure. What follows is my attempt to write a background for the series of miniature concepts that Tony produced for Antiquis Malleum and tie them in with the range of daemonic creatures being developed as we speak. Though these creatures will be inspired by the daemons from RoC, they will be entirely new creations and will need a new IP friendly name. We have come up with Malign as a possibility and the following article is used to begin to sketch out the background to this 'god' in hope that it inspires others to get painting, collecting, creating and gaming in some way.

Perhaps in the future I will get the chance to develop these characters further, and begin to develop scenarios and narratives in which they can exist, and this would be doubly favorable if a miniature line helped support them! For now, I hope you enjoy the narrative that I have constructed. As ever, please do chip in with your ideas and comments."
 That's interesting to me from an old school design perspective as well. Where the OSR has been  doing the same thing when it comes to demons, monsters, and some of the classics of OD&D and AD&D  as well.Personally I can't wait to see more from these guys! 

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