Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Resource - Grandfather's Rain From Sine Nomine Publishing For Both Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaign and Your Old School Space Opera

This is it on a stick a forty three page free resource that allows a DM to adapt a boat load of the Stars Without Number material to their favorite old school campaign. Not only is this well written, completely professionally done, and ready to go out the of box. Its absolutely free and fully downloadable from Drive Thru Rpg.

 The Drive Thru Rpg Blurb: 
The silver poison has come again. In the days when your grandfathers were young the poisonous eastern hills roared with thunder and sent streaks of gleaming filth down the Sweetwater River. Those who drank of it sickened, but what else were they to drink in this dry land? If a band of brave scouts had not discovered ancient purification filters in the ruins of an Old Terran laboratory, Broketree would surely have withered and died. The filters fell to pieces when your fathers were still boys, but by then the river flowed clean and pure once more.
Now the thunder has pealed again and the silver filth has come once more. The filters are broken and useless. New ones must be found, and quickly, before the enclave is too weak to survive. Yet rumors come from the north that the mud miners of Digger Springs grow sick as well- and what will they do if they find salvation before the warriors of Broketree can again bring grandfather's rain?
Grandfather's Rain is a free introductory adventure for the Other Dust old-school roleplaying game. Fully compatible with the award-winning and free Stars Without Number sci-fi game, Other Dust gives you the tools to build your own savage post-apocalyptic world of monstrous perils and desperate struggles. Within this adventure, you'll find...
  • Broketree, a post-apocalyptic farming village laced by poisonous family feuding and a lethally idealistic creed
  • Digger Springs, a mud-mining settlement founded to excavate the bones of a buried Old Terran suburb, and a place where Hell's lid sometimes flies off.
  • The Ashbrook Research Center, a "diagram map" ruin built as an example for new Other Dust gamemasters.
  • Random tables for quick loot and reward generation, and a layout that lets you keep your focus on the adventure without constantly checking the rulebook

    The material is well laid out, the ideas here are original and very much in the old school tradition with a hint of a strange and twisted mythology lurking in the background of this product. The maps are well laid out and many of the ideas here can easily be used in any number of post apocalyptic games. You don't need 'Other Dust' to use this product but I strongly recommend that product to get the full use of this one. This product has strength of play, well thoughout adventure hooks and your going to need to check this one out if your even remotely into the post apocalyptic or interstellar ideas laid out in Stars Without Numbers.
    The interstellar ideas in this product are interesting and fully engaging. They remind me of some of the material that was laid down in the early seasons of Space 1999. I din't mention that this material can easily be plugged into 90% of the retroclone science fiction  rpgs currently on the market. 

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