Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five Old School Cartoon Introductions As Inspirations For Your Sword and Sorcery Or Sword & Planet Campaigns

Here's five quick off the top of my head cartoon introductions as inspiration to get your juices flowing for an old school sword and sorcery campaign or sword and planet.Flash Gordon 1977 

Goltar And The Golden Lance 

Black Star 
Pirates Of Black Water 
He Man


  1. I recently rewatched the Flash Gordon cartoon. It holds up well.

    I would love to see them reboot and complete the Pirates of Darkwater series.

    Did you ever watch Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates with Tim Curry voicing Capt. Hook?

  2. 'The Greatest Adventure' holds up very well and the retroscoping was an old favorite of mine as well. Pirates of Dark Water needs a complete overhaul to really see its actual development into a real viable property for today's market. It needs and deserves a second look.
    Peter Pan was well developed. Yeah that was on Fox Family and it was a couple of steps beyond Disney in many ways.


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