Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Dragon's Foot Adventure - Shipwreck at Har's Point By R. N. Bailey

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Blurb From Dragon's Foot : 
A few weeks ago a ship was wrecked off the hamlet of Har's Point. Rumours abound that the ships was carrying wealth, and the unhappy spirits of the dead sailors walk the nearby beaches. A 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for 4-6 player characters of levels 2-4 (about 12-16 character levels).

Much of the material here reminded me of the horror classic movies  'The Fog' and 'Ghost Ship'. This is perfect fodder for both a Ravenloft game and an OSRIC horror themed adventure. Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonsque would also be a grand fit here but the material in question along with the encounters would have to be scaled back a bit. Find that product right over HERE

NPC's, Maps,towns, encounters, and everything in this is very well done and balanced for the adventure itself. This is a very concise adventure and solid background for hours of old school horror adventure play. 
Four stars for this old school horror adventure which should provide hours of play for your old school players. 

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