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'The Church Of Universal Truth' From Marvel Comics As A Faction For Stars Without Numbers

From the pages of The Guardians of the Galaxy, Strange Tales and The Infinity Gauntlet saga comes The Church of Universal Truth as a Faction For The Stars Without Number Game.
Attributes : Forces 5, Cunning 3, Wealth 5 

Hit Points : 29 
Demagogue/Cunning :6, Organization moles/Cunning :5, Zealots/Force 4, Marketers/Wealth :5
Tags: Theocratic, Deep Rooted, Warlike

Note that this is only for a sector spanning arm of the church and this cult spans millions and millions of light years with a very tightly controlled organization. The Church can and has popped up anywhere within several universes.

The organization according to wiki: 
The Universal Church of Truth is a star-spanning religious empire in Marvel Comics'fictional shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. Composed of diverse alien species, it first appeared in Strange Tales vol 1 #178 (February 1975), written by Jim Starlin.
In the original stories, its seat of government was Sirus X, also called Homeworld, in the Hercules star cluster.

Organization And Structure  

The head of the Church and object of its worship was Adam Warlock's evil self, the Magus. The assistant to the Church leader is the Matriarch.
Doctrine is enforced through the Church's Black Knights, and matters of law are subject to a Grand Inquisitor.

Head Of The Church

The original Magus is Adam Warlock's potential future, evil self who has traveled to the past and rules a religious empire called the Universal Church of Truth. The Magus guides Warlock through a series of actions that will eventually result in him becoming the Magus.
Warlock resists, and avoids becoming the Magus with the aid of Thanos. When Warlock successfully chooses a different future - suicide - the Magus ceases to exist

Warlock is later resurrected and acquires the Infinity Gauntlet a powerful artifact. He uses it to expel his evil psyche, which takes physical form as a new version of The Magus. The Magus wages war on Warlock and other superheroes in an attempt to gain the Infinity Gauntlet for himself, but fails. After the Magus is defeated, he is trapped in a soul dimension as a phantom

The Magus escapes the Soul Gem in an immaterial form. He absorbs the life energies of others to regain his physical form and power, and schemes to usurp the cosmic power ofGenis-Vell. Genis defeats the Magus and reverts him back to an energy form. The Magus then retaliates against Genis's friends and allies. The Magus wounds Moondragon and then heals her, revealing that she is destined to become his slave
In an effort to repair damage to spacetime, Warlock "stitches" a tear with an alternate, stable timeline- the timeline where he became The Magus, causing his immediate transformation into a third incarnation of The Magus. The Magus then takes control of the Universal Church of Truth and fights the Guardians of the Galaxy.
The Magus allies himself with Lord Mar-Vell, and is killed when he fails a mission.The church briefly resurrected him as a child before the Annihilators imprisoned him inside his cocoon

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