Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review and Commentary On "World of Tomorrow" book "Health And Medicine" by Neil Ardley For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Today we look at another of those 80's 'educational books' from the 'World of Tomorrow' many of these were from the 80's and look like they were whisked off from another world. In this case the creepy post apocalyptic world of  Pre Atomic Wars Mutant Future or Gamma World.

The artwork in these is pure 'science fiction' from a retro future that was never going to exist. Seriously this doesn't look like a place I'd like to visit. This book looks into medicine and I mean that creepy robotic medicine that just seems to bubble under the surface as you read about Medic bots, weird drugs, and artifacts in your favorite Post Apocalyptic game. 

It looks like our 'product' is doing fine Mrs. Jetson. Thanks for coming in. 
Much of the material would be perfect for a 'perfect genetic society' of the DM's choice in a game like X plorers or Stars Without Numbers. I've owned this one for about thirty years and much of the material would give David Cronenberg nightmares. 

Organ harvesting, robotic hospitals, robotic surgeons, and more are covered under this book with a ton of creepy illustrations that just scream 80's nightmare fuel future. Just perfect for your post apocalyptic games.

I can just imagine that all of the computers have nice incredibly reassuring voices that comfort you as they take out your major organs and whatnot. The book is perfect for bringing home that creepy 80's retrofuture that you find so often in  old school science fiction and science fantasy games. 

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