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Greztru - The Tissue Ghosts Of Thebin Four For The Stars Without Number Rpg System

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Greztru - The Tissue Ghosts Of Thabin Four 

These strange six inch long artifacts litter the planetary remains of  Thabin Four and there are literally millions of these artifacts dotting the surface of the planet. The are called the 'punished' and 'the humiliated' by other ancient alien races. These weird little statue like artifacts seem to make anyone who is around them uneasy and shifty as if one someone is observing them. As if just over your shoulder a presence can be seen.
Analysis of these figures indicates that they are actually organic in nature. They are all that remains of the original inhabitants of the planet. Each figure is actually a life form locked within itself, alive and insane. The inhabitants vast psychic powers fused within each figure unable to function on anything beyond a microscopic level.
They are often sold on the black markets of the planes and are frequently featured items.

Teams of archaeologists and scientists sent down to Tebin Four  have not returned for sometimes months or years as time and space work 'differently' there. They seemly disappear for months or years only to appear shaken and some what traumatized by their encounters with the other dimensional entities that inhabit the planet. The planet Thabin is now the sole property of a race of tri dimensional beings who while not visible are inhabiting another dimensional location of the planet. Apparently there was a war between the two races and the current condition of the Thebinians was the result. 
These nameless beings are more then willing to trade the former inhabitants of the planet with interstellar traders for certain esoteric favors, strange and illegal goods, and other bits of seemly alien technology.

Using The Greztru
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Handling these items is dangerous as the insanity, humiliation, sadness, and psychic torture of the souls of these poor mad bastards echoes through them. Psychics will suffer 1d4 points of damage for every round they handle them as these horrors 'share' their stories while seemly psychically raping the poor fool. They must make normal saving throws to escape.
Those others who use the 'Tissue Ghosts' experience the following benefits from the original life forms : infravision up to 50 meters, +3 on Charisma and Constitution as the power flows through you, +2 on hit points.
Those who use the items for more then 1d6 months may become psychologically addicted to these items. The item may also become bonded to the flesh of the victims.
There is also a 30% chance of the spirit of the item trying to take possession of the user every 1d10 years.

1d10 Random Effects Of Greztru - The Tissue Ghosts

File:Ghost LACMA AC1998.249.96.jpg

  1. The user has access for to minor telepathic abilities for 1d6 hours and has an orgasmic rush of experience each time they use these abilities. Then randomly they disappear. 
  2. The user resonates with strange vibrations as the Tissue ghost twists in their hellish existence. The user has a very limited form of being one with the local space time continuum. They are able to know the location of any being they are familiar with. This is a very comforting feeling and there will be a profound sense of loss when these vibrations end in 1d6 hours. 
  3. The user experiences a rush of cosmic powers and all attacks for the next seventy two hours do +2 on all damage. The power however will short out any small electronics in the user's possession. 
  4. The user's mind echoes with eternity and for a moment he sees all of the ghost's former lives. He has profound sense of loss and loathing of himself. Others around him will attack him if this occurs. He may however have access to racial memories of the thing and may on a percentage dice know how an ancient alien artifact works. But he will have to hide or risk being attacked by friend and foe alike.
  5. The user may read the past, present, and future of an object as the delicate senses of the tissue ghost replace his own for a moment. He may be over whelmed as the incredible alien surge of detail takes his puny mind. 
  6. Rage! Rage at the dying inside as the ghost twists against itself being used! How could this happen. The user is a berserk as adrenaline flows through him and 1d4 telekinetic surges do 1d4 points of damage to anything nearby as pure mental power rips through the 40 meter area. 
  7. The ghost calls to another dimensional entity and the user must face the horror down. DM's call as to what it might be. 
  8. The Tissue Ghost makes the user bleed from all of their pores but this blood will heal anyone who touches it and there is a lot. The user is unharmed even as they are covered in blue black glowing liquid. 
  9. The user feels the universe within and without as the ghost opens their mind to the local solar system and beyond. They will instantly know all local conditions but the sheer detail and scale of it all may over whelm them. Roll save to escape the cosmic of it all. 
  10. The user may access the vast telekinesis abilities of the ghost for one hour but the ghost will ask a major boon. Failure to do so may call a Hound of Tindaloes to the user's party or family. The ghost would have words. 

Ghosts often bring 30,000 credits on the open market but several species make it their business to destroy the artifacts when found. 

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