Saturday, February 8, 2014

Three Free OSR Resources From Dragon's Foot For Labyrinth Lord

I ran across three great old school resources for the Labyrinth Lord Rpg Retroclone game. These could be quite useful for both Labryrinth Lord Game and Mutant Future. 

A magical weapon generator for the Labyrinth Lord game

Grab a copy right over

 Grab A Copy Right Over
A zip file containing three PDFs. The first contains a list of monsters with stats for LL. The second contains monsters listed by region and the third lists monsters by region and HD.

LL Intelligence/Wisdom fumble tables

Grab It Right Over
A set of tables too allow LLs to model the effects of dangerously low INT and WIS scores. They can be used to force the hand of players who refuse to diligently roleplay, to punish players who fail to amuse the LL and provide an enjoyable adventure, or simply to inject some whimsy and randomness into a stale session.

These are great for generating and running through some old school goodness into your LL or Mutant Future games. Time and again I've used these tables to create and deal with certain issues that seem to arise during play.
 I'd thought I'd share them. I hope you folks find them useful. 

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