Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free Science Fiction Resource - The World of Tomorrow 'School, Work, and Play' By Neil Ardley For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Another of those 'educational' books that uses science fiction illustrations to highlight a few possible future situations from the 80's. 

Every Post Apocalyptic game needs adventure locations and this book offers some really interesting ones to boot.
Need a large scale 'Terminator style' factory still operating in the wasteland and with all kinds of high tech equipment to really do some damage to adventurers? We've got you covered!

All those duralloy factories have be coming from some place and here's a perfect opportunity to introduce your PC's to some hot stuff! 

That A.I. console in the corner looks harmless enough what possible things might be lurking within it? Apocalyptic Virus anyone?

 A million credits worth of information is just waiting in the data library centers, the perfect place to get a floppy of all that data! 

Try to keep one step ahead of the Andy police though! They're armed with Heavy stunners and a bad attitude! 
Your adventurers will be playing in the sport of kings regardless of if they want to or not!


All in all this is a great resource for a retro future game campaign for either Stars Without Number or X plorers. The ideas here are solid and weird enough to keep players entertained and the adventures practically write themselves. You get a real sense of the old school looking into the 'Future' of the world of tomorrow books. Its a creepy Orwellian nightmare where errm this one is sheer fantasy folks. But get while you can and it makes a perfect addition to your DM's old school arsenal of mayhem for many post apocalyptic games. 

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