Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Five Old School Cartoon Introductions As Inspirations For Your Sword and Sorcery Or Sword & Planet Campaigns

Here we go with another five classic cartoons as an inspiration for your old school space opera and sword and planet campaigns. X plorers and Stars Without Numbers are perfect to run through these style of old school adventures.
Silver Hawks 


Robotech Intro 

Bonus Sectaurs toy commercial 



  1. I would consider Sectaurs to be more of a Mutant Future thing. :p Good-humored nitpicks aside, nice list! :D

  2. Well, the comic book certainly had a ton of other elements as well, the could be used for the Ancients in a Gamma World or Mutant Future campaign. Given that fact there's also the fact that a DM could flip these elements around to create an entirely new setting for a sword and planet game. I've found over the years that the post apocalyptic and sword & planet genres aren't entirely foreign to each other.
    To use a Saturday morning analogy, Visionaries by Flint Dille's folks took place on another planet or was it Earth of a far future. Perhaps a colony of Earth of a far future. It had elements of both fantasy and science fantasy mixed in. The comic in addition had some interstellar elements in the background.
    A more serious aspect of the post apocalyptic science fantasy would be Andre Norton's Daybreak 2250 A.D. which has elements of both interstellar adventure lurking in the background of a science fantasy world. I think its really a matter of perspective of the DM. What does he want to bring to the foreground and what elements needs to be brought to put into the background. Always a matter of perspective with the players and DM calling the shots. Most of the time in that order. Your mileage as always may vary.
    Thanks for the thought provoking comment though. It's a great point my friend!


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