Friday, February 14, 2014

1d10 Valentine's Day Random Encounters From Beyond The Pale Table For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

1d10 Valentine's Day Random Encounters From Beyond The Pale Table 
  1.  A love lorn mutant from a non existent time continuum is seeking his one true love who has been lost to time itself. He needs your help to track down his old post apocalyptic universe. 
  2. A band of 1d8 Amazons is trying to track down the savoir of their race who has taken their messiah for true love. They are ruthless and without pity. 3rd level fighters and armed with energy weapons. 
  3. A lone cyborg is stalking across the planes for his true love. She is hiding nearby disguised is one of the locals and doesn't want to be found. She's a third level fighter/magic user. 
  4. A lone lorn cosmic alien blob is looking for a mate. He will consume he/or her in a fiery mess to give birth to an new batch of alien horrors. 
  5. A lone decaying astronaut with a decaying alien gem seeks to pass on his love and the cursed piece of weird alien jewelry. 
  6. A strange alien robotic unit houses the brain of a lone housewife and is looking for someone to accompany her throughout eternity. She needs a group of adventurers to help her in a mission of true love. 
  7. A strange alien cloud holds the forgotten knowledge and souls of a group of heart broken aliens who are looking to strip the hearts and minds from others. Count as shadows ala the Monster Manual 
  8. A group of cursed undead adventurers must find true love in order to be free of their curse of undeath or walk eternity as soul less things forever. 
  9. A  space princess with a broken heart  seeks her true love but she is already in the arms of another. The princess is looking for adventurers for a kidnapping plot. 
  10. A Spawn of Cthulhu is part a curse to destroy a planet for 'true love' and the PC's must help stop this horror from happening! 

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