Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1d10 Random Robotic Assassin Encounter Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random Robotic Assassin Encounter Table
  1. 1d20 robotic scorpions programmed to seek out any relic or ruin explorers, these bots will sample and seek out anyone they come across. They have stats similar to their real life counter parts but are immune to all mind related spell like effects. They are programmed to be ruthless and heartless killing machines. 
  2. A group of  1d10 medibots that has been reprogrammed by the so called Apocalyptic virus. These things will end your life in anyway they can. These horrors act friendly and trade DNA as well as RNA samples with local clone masters for unknown purposes. 
  3. A nanite assassin swarm capable of rendering a man down in seconds and disassembling his molecules. These things retain the memories of their victims to make them more efficient killing machines. 
  4. A lone cyborg assassin looking for a target that has been dead for a million years. He is may be hired as a retainer. Fights as a 4th level fighter but will replace damaged tissue with his victim's flesh. 
  5. A small translator style droid is actually a disease vector bot capable of unleashing plagues on species as it was programmed to do about ten thousand years ago. There are cave paintings of this thing doing such vile acts. 
  6. An energy being of very complex matter and antimatter matrices held together by an evil will. This thing is a probe of an alien assassin race given form and it is seeking to end a nearby universe. 
  7. This multi tendril horror is actually an alien runaway on the lamb from a formidable alien assassin bot created from the brain matter of a thousand extinct life forms of whose visage this thing can be come. 
  8. This small assassin bot is seeking adventurers for a  strange adventure involving the recovery of its master from a black hole. 
  9. This iron giant of a horror carries with it the heart of a small girl it once loved. The thing wants revenge for her killing by criminal syndicate. It seeks help or revenge. 
  10. This swarm of insectoid bots shares one mind and seeks a subject to pass on their ancient knowledge and martial prowess to. Your group has been chosen. 

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