Saturday, February 1, 2014

'Dead Stop With A Twist of Arduin ' A Gothic - Post Apocalyptic OD&D Game - Actual Play Part III

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
Edgar Allan Poe The PC's were climbing for their lives and dealing with hordes of undead as they went. Steel, pistol shot, and blood as they battled up the stairs towards the necomancer's lair. 
Dice were rolling, things were getting interesting and the players took a break by going down a slide hall way. Only to be confronted by hordes of skeleton warriors! 
Part II
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Every age, every era of mankind's dead were represented in the horde! They broke out their powder and started to blast the unholy things apart!  Then it was close in fighting and the party backed into a bottle neck where numbers didn't matter and they could take em apart piece by bony piece!

The party is fighting their way to the top of a skyscraper floor by floor confronting skeleton warriors as they go! Basically its like something out of Army of Darkness! So everyone is having fun and result! Opps the cleric just bought it. Ochie
The players have succeed in reaching level eleven after dealing with a weird reanimated blob of corpse skin! 

The PC's also managed to gain treasure, black powder, and deal with some horrofyingly nasty undead kobold warriors as well! They also freed more prisoners who were going to be turned into zombies by the minor priests of the necromancer!
Among the freed prisoners was a deodanth warrior PC! 

One of the players in tonight's game asked me if it was alright to bring in his Deodanth PC fighter 4th level. After looking over his character sheet. I didn't have a problem at all. What's a Deodanth? Figure available right over HERE
The Deodanth, undead, part cat, part elf?, part who knows...the proverb in Arduin is there is nothing crueler in the multiverse than a merciful deodanth...Not someone to cross paths with! They have the innate ability to time slip 

The other NPC  personalities were generated on the fly using this product from Fish Wife Games!

Get it right

From the crumbling urban sprawls to polluted coastal settlements to a nuclear wild west comes a variety of colorful, self styled encounters. This list consists of 100 character names along with a descriptive role for each.

Samples from the list include:
01- Archie Haggar (Shady arms and military technology dealer)
15- Chevy Hollywood (Thrill seeking contraband smuggler)
25- Devon Night (Voodoo fortune teller)
30- Ethan Cruel (Sadistic punk with a penchant for knives)
45- Iris Catterton (Nervous streetwalker)
50- Jesse Blazer (Bloodthirsty wasteland outlaw)
60- Lars Black (Coastal settlement tug boat owner)
75- Presley Wayne (Smooth talking con man)
90- Stun Boy (Flamboyant, cattle prod armed criminal lackey)
100- Yoko Honda (Wild eyed, sword wielding headhunter)

 Finally the really nasty automaton was generated on the fly using this product from Jack Shear available right over  HERE

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