Monday, February 3, 2014

Review and Commentary On "World of Tomorrow" book "Future War and Weapons" by Neil Ardley For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

You can see a Flicker Set Of The Entire
Book Right over


The World of Tomorrow books were another of those sort of 'educational books' from another time. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, sometimes a bit of a boast was needed when gaming within a post apocalyptic world. 

The World of Tomorrow books were great pieces of grade school speculation that were available way back in 1981.  I stumbled upon a flicker account with the entire book uploaded by gentleman whose moniker was 'Clampants'.


The art of the 'World of Tommorrow' was bold science fictional stuff that made great fodder for any post apocalyptic old school adventuring way back when. The book didn't predict drones,or domination by the internet. But it did give information on portable grenade and computer assisted guns.  Counter terrorism, smaller cruise missiles, SDI style satellite weaponry, and even particle beam weapons being used by colony pirates along with weird Sky Command mega planes. 

Time and again over the years I've used the material to illustrate 'The Shadow Years' of various games from Gamma World to more recently, Mutant Future. Much of the material is juvenile, dated, and frankly perfect for old school Post Apocalyptic gaming. This was heady stuff when I was a kid frankly. 

I've seen various World of Tomorrow books in Good Will and used book shops. I've had this particular book since it came out way back in 1981 and still do. The World of Tomorrow books featured that same style of generic weird 70's and 80's science fiction artwork that appeared in the 1979 'The Usborne Book of The Future' . You can grab that right over HERE
 As I've said before these books have a weird, 1970's Space 1999, UFO, UK science fictional style to their art. 
Over the years they've become fodder for Earth like planets in Fasa Trek, recently they're stand in artwork has been featured as NPC worlds for X Plorers, and the 'Colony Pirates' for Apex goons. Because of their weird presentation of the subject material they make perfect fodder for post apocalytic gaming. Hover tanks, weird cruise missiles, strange Sky Command Mega jets, and more grace the interior. All fun and weird tech waiting to be popped into your games. 
The 'World of Tomorrow' is worth a look for the weird artwork itself and various friends have loved the books that I've used over the years. They're goofy, fun, and really quite interesting. If you do get a chance to take a look at them then do so. They're a hoot and a piece of 80's weirdness that you just don't see any more. 

This is not an attempt to claim or disrespect the trade marks or copyrights of the holders. This blog entry is merely for educational,entertainment and review purposes. 
Thanks and many happy nights of post apocalyptic and science fiction gaming!! 


  1. That cover is totally Hammer's Slammers!

    Love it.

  2. Glad you liked it but we've got more coming up Fractalbat! More 1970's and 80's space action coming up!!


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