Thursday, February 13, 2014

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Race Encounters At The Space Station Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Race Encounters At The Space Station Table
  1. A group of 1d8 Elder Thing time travelers, one of whom is wounded and bleeding very badly. The wounds were made by a shaggoth and its now following in the wake of its former masters. They are armed with four bio weapons but it might not be enough. They are looking for help. 
  2. 1d6 Deep One Space Pirates who fight as 2nd level fighters. They are looking to unload a shipment of stolen Yithian technology and have only recently arrived on station. 
  3. A Great Race time traveler/scientist looking to recruit adventurers for a new forbidden technological/occult venture. He is armed with a Great Race energy projector and time traveling beckon. 
  4. 1d6 ghoul slave traders accompanied by 2 ghast bodyguards looking to sell a 1d20 random slaves and looking for a trade representative. Their leader is a dream merchant 7th level wizard. 
  5. A gaggle of Star of Dagon cultists looking to recruit a new cyberpriest for their church. They are lead by a Deep One hybrid who is looking for a suitable cyborg for the job. They are also looking for new recruits for their 'faith' as well. 
  6. A hunting horror in pursuit of a bounty for his dark master. The fool has teleported upon the station and the horror may assume a human appearance in order to hunt down the wizard. 
  7. Three Fungi From Yuggoth surgeon castes who are selling living humanoid brains in brass containers for navigation purposes. They are looking for likely candidates to restock from as well. 
  8. A long ghoul astronaut/space pilot who has just been infected with ghoul plague. He has recently broken through quarantine and needs to be hunted down but has a grave secret to tell. 
  9. A wizard priest of Tindalos is trying to summon a pack of hounds to wreck the station and drag it to his master's side as a sacrifice. He is a 6th level wizard and very evil. 
  10. An artifact capable of summoning a dimensional shambler is nearby and its being followed by one. Anyone handling this thing will be targeted by the horror and attacked. 1d4 people have already disappeared within the last thirty hours. 

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