Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beowulf The Dragon Slayer (DC Comics) For Your Old School Sword And Sorcery Campaign On The Dark Corner Blog


 Experience it right over

Way back in 1975 in the middle of DC comics experimenting with Sword and Sorcery Comics. Beuwulf The Dragon Slayer came out. This was a full throttle heavy metal sword and sorcery journey down into a hell the likes of which has never been quite equaled. Strap on your sword, grab your skull helmet, come with us now to an age undreamted of! 


  1. Beowulf is all kinds of crazy.

  2. Its one of my old school favorites from DC and I was sort of sad when I was five or so to see it become part of the 'DC Implosion'. We've got more DC Swords & Sorcery action coming up!


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