Friday, February 14, 2014

Free OSR Star Ship Deck Plans - DWE-C Darkwing Class Escort From UKG Publishing For Your Old School Space Opera

Get It Right Over
Over the years this one's gotten ton of air play at the gaming table this is small star ship fighter free for use with your old school gaming campaign. I've used this in West End Star Wars to Palladium game's Phase World campaign and its appeared in several Alternity adventures as well. There are are better on the market but for a game like Stars Without Number this is a simple free resource that makes sense. 

Here's what you get. 
The Drivethrurpg Blurb : 
DWE-C Darkwing Class Escort
by John Milner
The Darkwing Class Escort, 110 feet of swift, hard hitting ultralight escort.

The DWE-C Darkwing Class Escort is a free demonstration ship from UKG Publishing and comes complete with Future d20 stats, background and deckplans. This product includes:

 A 7 page pdf detailing the background, d20 technical readout and ship design of the DWE-C Darkwing Class Escort
 A 4 page set of deck plans for this ship.
 A full set of counters to represent these ships.

All prints are available in full colour and greyscale.

Using this Product With Your OSR campaign


Now much of the material here is D20 but is easily adapted into SWN or similar retroclones such as X plorers. The generic makeup of the material is a solid plus when dealing with many of the systems presented in this product. Because of an upcoming game I had need of it. I thought I'd share this one folks. 

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