Saturday, February 15, 2014

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Deep Space Encounters Table For Your Old School Space Opera

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Deep Space Encounters Table
  1. A servant of 'Atlan Natc The Spider God' looking to suspend and secure the foundation webs of his mistess upon this plane. He's also looking for prey to feed his abiding hunger for humanoid souls. He rides the solar winds upon a space envelop. 
  2. A demensional shambler moving through the planes whose happened upon your space craft. His hunger knows no bounds and you are prey. 
  3. A priest of Cthulhu in an ion driven craft in suspension moving across the stars. He travels to give hope to a colony of the faithful that they will be eaten first. He is a 2nd level wizard and Deep One hybrid. 
  4. A Spar Spawn of Cthulhu encased in a solid block of Crystal ice. What might have done this. The thing is still alive and angry but trapped within itself. 
  5. A swam of Fungai From Yuggoth are on a mission for one of their countless gods and need prey. Your ship looks like a meal. There are 1d20 of these horrors. 
  6. A Elder Thing bio ship moves across the cold depths of space. The thing has 1d8 living occupants on board for an alien mission. There are living missiles that will be used in a terraforming mission. A shaggoth accompanies them as an escort. There are strange objects moving next to them. 
  7. A 500 pound piece of Shub Niggurth living material is on a collision course with a nearby E type planet. The thing is living and wreathed in colours beyond human understanding and its purpose is unknown. 
  8. A moon beast black ship moves just outside the local time space continuum. Their holds are filled with slaves and they radio out that they are open for business. 1d8 fighters filled with their servants is nearby to pick up any stray slaves they can. 
  9. A time ship of the Great Race signals out into the depths of space for unknown purposes and there are life forms aboard. Do you investigate? 
  10. Ithaqua himself moves between the cold dead space between the stars. There is a 40% chance of him noticing you and taking action. What do you do? 

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