Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Sky Pirates & Bandits of Mars! - Warriors of the Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg - Session Report

 My party of adventurers has been in the deep Martian desert for far too long. We've wandered along the ancient caravan routes of Old Helium for a very long time. It was time to return to civilization and re-equip our PC's. 

We had a standing invitation to visit one of Helium's Red Martian merchant princes whose lives we saved some months ago! And we were taking him up on his offer! After charting a flyer our party took to the sky to save time!

And it was wasn't long before adventure found us! In the skys above ancient Mars we found ourselves being followed by Martian sky pirates! That's right it was the ancient sky pirates and raiders of Mars the Black pirates! Just incase your not aware the First Born as they are known are absolutely ruthless and immoral outlaws. Our small mid range flyer was equipped with two heavy duty Martian rifles and our own wizards plus our mind wizard. 
The First Born are an outlaw nation praying on whomever crosses thier part of the red skies and they work for whomever can pay them! 
Our party waited until one of thier ships got close and then our wizard fire balled the first scout ship with a scroll we'd saved just for such an occasion! Next our thief managed to do an expert tumble onto thier deck with a natural twenty. 
He was equipped with a particularly nasty natural spirit that we used as a Matov cocktail on thier Martian decking. We had our pilot do a roll to retrieve our thief Bardoc The Nimble with a carefully timed jump and telekinetic catch by our mind master. 
The First Born called up two mid range flyers crewed by a craven lot of bandits and outlaws. We began to sense a pattern here and wondered if this was the First Born NPC thief and his pirate crew we'd ran into some months ago! We didn't recall his name but took out the other ship as the cocktail exploded. 
We opened up with our guns as the ship drew closer and closer. And this was because we'd radioed to Helium's air navy! We were delaying the pirates with games until we'd crossed into Helium's airspace. And then it was all Hell broke loose as we dived below the clouds and the Navy patrol closed in! 
Part of our party ended up on Zothique but the bulk of our mercenaries are still on Mars. We've got our Zothique game coming up later this we. You can read about our last Zothique session here. 

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