Sunday, June 16, 2024

Nice Doing Business With You - Cities Without Number, Stars Without Number, & Trey Causey's Strange Stars Rpg - Mirrors By Joseph Mohr - Session Report

 Our Cybersneaks started diving below the surface of the  the Circeans witches's terraforming delivery from last week's session. And when we went into the main delivery warehouse to check out the terraforming equipment for final delivery we were attacked by Hellhounds pirates! The witch's coven had paid for the terraforming equipment but there were two rider cargoes that had been added onto the terraforming equipment. That equipment's weight had been noted by our party's  Cybersneaks. And that equipment was more high end cloning equipment which is tied into last month's  the foreclose on Guiron which we stopped! 

We used a nanite grenade to disrupt the Hellhound's forms  temporarily and then sheathed them in an absolute zero field. This we knew from dealing with these two NPC's before wouldn't stop them. But it would buy us sometime to deal with thier employers the Slavers. We had an artifact saved just for this occasion and once again dealt with thier fixer & representive. Our party already knew that we had to make it worth thier wild. All of this stems from Joseph Mohr's Mirrors adventure available here

 Our party knows that the Slavers fear a law suit by Guiron people against the Slaver's Constorium for the use of an 'entropy weapon' ages ago. The cloning tanks, the planet terraforming equipment bought by the witches who were acting as blind for the Guiron people. And other anomilies that our party uncoverd pointed it out. Major Bartholomew Rodriguez and the Interstellar Police have deep seated interest in the entropy weapon  because this weapon system  could still be in system.
And that's when we started looking in system and found it on the third moon of Guiron! The Slavers had a small craft overseeing it. Our party contacted them and asked for the Hellhounds pirate's contract againt our party to be terminated the whole affair to be covered up. They agreed and we got proof of termination. We in turn took all of our findings and turned them over to Major Bartholomew Rodriguez and the Interstellar Police! 
Now it's onto the next job! 

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