Friday, June 7, 2024

Recovery of The Silver State - HOSTILE Situation Report 007 - The Ark - Game Session Report

 "You've detected an Ark ... a ship of sleeping thousands on their way to establish a new human colony. But it is dead, silent and locked in an orbit around a lifeless moon. You are ordered to investigate ... are the sleepers still alive? "

"OR, play as some of the crew, woken by the ship's mainframe, and shocked to find the sleeper ship in some remote orbit, with chaos in the corridors ... " 

The September Group is near the LX 504 system & has to respond to thier employer's orders to 
 to investigate a depowered star ship. The ship could be the colony starship Silver State. The September Group has too locate survivors of the Silver State  for a financial bonus. The ship, after some investigation (without power or transponder) could be the Silver State, which went missing a couple of months ago en route to establish a new colony on LX606 in Extraction Zone 9 (EZ9 0606).
This is all based on  HOSTILE Situation Report 007 -The Ark  & this isn't the first time I've run this adventure. The players have no idea that thier PC's have come across this situation! 
The player's PC's entered the Silver State cautiously & carefully made thier way through airlocks, main decam, etc. Of course I provided some jump scares and then way down in near engineering the PC's came across the remains of a creature they've never seen before. Something on the scale of a human but silicon based around a carbon frame. 
The PC's cybersneak Petrov began checking the Silver State's diagnostics and came across four hypersleep chambers that had been comprimised. This was just before he was attacked by some sort of giant catipillar like creature! He just managed to croak out that he was attacked and the PC's rushed to Petrov's add. The party learnt that there 
 are seven dead on the ship (and nine dead people in their hypersleep chambers). 
The party had a meeting in the computer room & thier engineer was messing in the Engineering section. That's when another 
giant catipillar like creature attacked and then smacked straight into two strange biomechanical like skeleton like monsters. Robert managed to light one of the monsters on fire and ducked out of the section. 

He managed to limp back to medical & got patched up enough. The PC's had patched up thier cybersneak who came across the fact that the Silver State had refueled at a local gas giant.  And the party deduced that there was an invasive lifeform on board from the gas giant. Andd then it was 'bug hunt' time  & this took the rest of the night. Not before one of the PC's was killed by one of the strange biomechanical skeleton like monsters! 

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