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OSR Review & Commentary On Cepheus Engine Journal issue #16 For All 2d6 Cepheus Engine Rpg Powered Games

 According to the Cepheus Engine Journal Website Cepheus Engine Journal issue #16 contains the following; " We have a good assortment of mainly sci-fi articles in this issue, so let’s dig in.

Once again Jo Jaquinta has given us a few articles, which we are always thankful for. First up is an article looking at micro gravatics and how to use it in your game. He also has an article on a criminal organisation called the Silver Panthers and how you can work with them, and instalment ten of The Raider’s Lament.

From the pen of Ricardo Emilio we get an article on how space ships work in his universe, an article on some tech called Solid Air Generator and the Atomic joiner for use in your games.

Steve Attwood from Alegis Downport has given us an interesting take on how to use science fiction themes in conjunction with Independence Games Rider. A wonderful example of just how flexible Cepheus Engine compatible products really are.

Finally, from our own Brett, is a couple of articles, part two of my Into The Night fiction created from a game I ran a few years back, and an article on an aggressive creature called Scale-back Dragons, perfect for slotting into your Cepheus or Hostile game. Just hope you don’t run into a pack of them!" 

Cepheus Engine Journal issue #16 has come up on the racks this week! Cepheus Engine Journal is one of the most unsung supplement for the CE Rpg. And this isssue covers the gamit for our favorite 2d6 Science Fiction rpg! The From the Editors is a peek into this issue's contents and then it's a jump straight into the deep end. Ricardo Emilio gives a great article called 'How Space Ships Work' & it gets straight into the nitty gritty of star ships within his own campaigns. It's some solid reading actually. And Ricardo Emilio also gives us 'The Solid Air Generator' which can act as a sort of force field for your valuables and much more. 
 Jo Jaquinta gives us 'The Raider's Lament part 10'  & we get more indepth on the world & themes setting of 'Raider's' this chapter. 
Steve Attwood from Alegis Downport gives us 'Science Fiction In Rider' which is a really solid article on using Independence Games Rider with your favorite 2d6 Science Fiction rpg. And one of the break out articles in Cepheus Engine Journal issue #16
Jo Jaquinta's 'Microgravitics' has some applications and really cool technologies thrown in. Again really good article to throw into a 2d6 campaign on the fly. And  Jo Jaquinta also gives us the 'Silver Panthers' criminal organization that would fit at home right into an Indepedence Games Earth sector or Clement sector game. We get everything from origins to current practices of the 'Silver Panthers' so the organization can be used whole cloth within your campaigns. 
Ricardo Emilio gives us the 'Atomic Joiner' a nifty little device that can be used as a tech level fifteen device or artifact in your campaigns. 
Brett Cruger gives a rather nasty little alien creature in the form of the Scale Back Dragons. And 'Into The Night' by Brett also a strange part two of the story started in issue 15 of the CE Journal. 

The Cepheus Engine Journal  acts as a free CE Rpg supplement & it's perfect to add to an existing campaign. 2d6 rpg games work on several levels. 2d6 works as an adventure rpg, works well as a fantasy rpg & fits the rpg path very well. And CE Journal can act as a touch stone or campaign fulcrum because it  provides a professionally done  free supplement. And this issue is no exception. 

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