Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Clone Hunting and Android Genocide - With Zozer Games Hostile & Zaibatsu rpg's

 Zaibatsu Rpg is one of my go to urban 2d6 games to cover city encounters & night missions. This game covers urban sprawl quite nicely. And I've been working on a crack clone & replicant hunting group of NPC's called the Devil's Forsaken. A veteran gang turned clone & bounty hunters who may or may not be what they seem. 

Who gives a crap right?! Well, I do after reading through the HOSTILE Situation Report 012 - The Mine. Which is exactly the sort of an outworld mission that such clone hunters were designed for; "The wealthy owner of Thalon corporation is desperate to find his missing daughter, Miri. He calls you in for help; a Thalon rep on the mining colony of Telluride thinks he spotted a clone worker that closely resembles Miri. What's going on? Get out there incognito - and find out...

But there are forces on Telluride who will stop at nothing to prevent the investigators finding out the truth. Be careful who you trust. "

I'm going to introduce these guys in Tokyo as android and clone hunters using the Zaibatsu rules & weaponry.  The Devil's Forsaken are going to be antagonists and a major pain in my player's PC's behinds. There were hints going back to a mission that the players completed with Zozer Games Earth book. 
Earth has a problem with the fact that Hostile relies on android & clone workers to act as special biological combat & super soldiers. And it depends on the craziness of the hunters to go after the biggest game. 
Seldom talked about is the type of biological arms race that would result as soon as bioroid and clones came into being. 
We get the barest hint of this in the original Bladerunner film. The Nexus Six replicants are only the latest batch of combat androids. 
We know that the Bladerunners are those who hunt down such androids. What of the independant contractors and mercenaries. And this is where I loop around to Zaibatsu because only ex gansters and gangers are going to be crazy enough to go after the money that corporate is paying to go after androids, clones, and replicants. 
Here's a thought though. What if the corporations are forstering the type of an atmosphere where clone bounty hunting is legal. Why? To product test thier latest combat androids and replicants.
Of course in the world of Hostile and Zaibatsu this is all merely street & corporate conspiracy theory even though there are those in the know who have proved it!  

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