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Degenerate, Deviant, and Devilous - - The Invisible College & Wretched New Flesh Post Cards From Avalidad - The Cult of Typhon

 Alright, so let's dive into the deepness of the cult of Typhon within the Invisible College rpg. And how it relates to the Wretched New Flesh Post Cards from Aviladad. And this is going to pick right up from here on the blog.The Cult of Typhon is an off shoot of the Black Lodge & they are explorers or worshippers  after the entities from  the qlippoth. 

What exactly is the qlippoth? Well simply put it is the dark reflection of the tree of life and the filter between Gods holiness and our reality. But it's also the layers of unreality between our reality and the seven layers of Hell. Or an unreality of alieness completely immicial to mankind. 
And what does this have to do with Wretched New Flesh Post Cards from Avalidad?! Well a bit of everything really because the Beyond just might be another aspect of  the qlippoth. And the cult of Typhon worships the entities that live or dwell there. The cult itself works through a caches and networks of cults that it fronts. The cult of Typhon works through a net work of agents, priests, occultists,etc. each trickling knowledge to thier patsies. And what does this have to do with Avalidad? Well everything. Because Avalidad itself is the front lines for weird technologies, alien presences, and high tech weirdness. The cult of Typhon is going to have it's agents and presence there at ground zero. What does this mean for the PC's?! A few things .. One is the fact that the cult of Typhon is going to be interested in or behind any rips in reality. The cult  is interested in  &  exploration of foreign intelligence such as extraterrestrial life and daemons, and on the darker aspects of occult existence. This is done through agents, cults, temples, and a thousand other fronts. 

“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.”
― Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber ABA: Book 4

The cult of Typhon doesn't have the resources of the Black Lodge & therefore uses other resources such as alien presences. Machinatores takes full advantage of the cult of Typhon as experimental fodder. Well actually it's the cult of Typhon's operatives and cache cult fronts. These are given many of the alien occult technologies and artifacts of the Machinatores. Zone Tec is well aware of a wide variety of front cults and even one or two operatives of the cult of Typhon. They are not aware of the heads of actual Typhon organization that keeps it's own hands clean of any wrong doing. 

The  qlippoth itself as dark reflection of other aspects of unreality is also home to the dangerous apostles of pain. Alien entities who are interested in exploiting and using the human race for sensation and further reaches of extreme experience. The cult of Typhon often uses it's other cult fonts to feed it's agreements with the apostles. 

And finally the cult of Typhon is most often dealing with aliens and demons from   the qlippoth using operatives and humans as fodder. 
The cult of Typhons ultimate aims are ill understood. They may help or hinder PC's depending upon thier own NPC aims. They are at best unpredictable and at worst enemies who could murder the PC's at the drop of a hat. 

And then there's the fact that the cult of Typhon's main source of income is the selling of illicit alien drugs as a secondary source of income. When I say,'alien' I mean alien as in manufactured by beings who are from outside our reality. 
And a really solid introduction into the cult of Typhon might be to use the adventure In Wretched Depravity By Miguel Ribeiro Joe Coombs

The events of the house are actually by the cult of Typhon who are experiementing with the local reality. And your PC's are sent in to investigate from both Zonetec and the Invisible College. Things start to go sideways really fast so be prepared when running  In Wretched Depravity.
Another fun one to bring into the fray with the cult of Typhon is The Memorial by Miguel Ribeiro. The Memorial takes place in a run down hospital with all kinds of occult and supernatural as well as mundane weirdness going on. The cult of Typhon is behind some of the more bizarre goings on and this adventure could easily be placed within Avalidad. 
The Cult of Typhon is bizarre, mad, dangerous, and utterly obsessed with bringing the entities of  the qlippoth into the reality of Aviladad. Why? Because the cult of Typhon has deep ties into the fabric of society on all levels in Avalidad. 
And the cult has worked hard to get it's front cults to be fashionable from the gutter to the halls of the elite. And they frequently take risks that other factions in the occult war wouldn't dream of. Because the cult of Typhon is always recruiting through thier other cult fronts. 
They do this with promises of hidden knowlege, power, lust, sex, and all of the tools that have serviced the cult for centuries. And in the world of Avalidad the cult of Typhon's leaders have gained a level of immortality through mutant drugs and through the use of forbidden technologies. The sect of the cult of Typhon may be cutting edge but it's an edge that cuts both ways. They are always serving thier own interests and the interests of thier masters from beyond. 

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