Thursday, June 22, 2023

Demon Dogs! Gamma World Second Edition, Dragon Magazine #97, and Cepheus Engine - The Further Outline of A Post Apocalypse Campaign

Let's pick this right up from June 21'st blog entry here  & go deeply into a Thundarr The Barbarian style of campaign with Gamma World and Traveller or Cepheus Engine rpg resources. I know my friend Omar Joel is going to be kicking off Barbaric Two coming up on Kickstarter coming up here.  So for magic I'm going to be using Sword of Cepheus & Cepheus Atom.  
Now if we we start gazing into the classic Saturday morning cartoon Thundarr The Barbarian then we've got the perfectly recognizable Gamma World resource. All we have to do is add in Barbaric and we're ready to go! 

Now the Savage Afterworld blog has the World of  Thundarr The Barbarian sourcebook for Mutant Future available for free and it's pretty easy to adapt for our purposes into a Classic Traveller/ Cepheus Engine Thundar/Gamma World campaign. 
So why go the 2d6 route?! Why not? The 2d6 system can handle the world of Gamma World/Thundarr easily. Given the number of episodes of Thundarr with a space theme such as the classic episode 'MindokThe Mind Menace' it stands to reason why not go with a classic system that can handle the artifacts/technologies/weapons of the world of Thundarr. Why? Because the mutants and monsters of the wasteland would be quite valuable. 
Back in Dragon magazine issue #97 the Ares section had the article 'Rogues of the Galaxy' by Igor Greenwald for playing criminal scum of the galaxy perfect fodder for creating NPC antagonists! NPC's who are looking for a quick buck to sell some mutants and monsters for gladatorial games! 

Reading through Dragon magazine May '85 sure brings back some memories and these scum of the galaxy are perfect for inflicting on our heroes of the wasteland. 

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