Saturday, June 3, 2023

Uses & Absuses of The Expanded Monsters: Eldritch Eyes By James Mishler Games For the Shadow ermm Your Castles & Crusades rpg Campaign

 "Expanded Monsters: Eldritch Eyes provides Shadowdark RPG game masters with a new order of monstrous creature with which to bedevil their players. The Eldritch Eyes are strange and powerful creatures with a terrifying origin. The booklet provides several ranks of Eldritch Eyes that can challenge characters and players of all levels!

This booklet includes:
General Description
Eldritch Eye Eyestalk Powers
Eldritch Gas Spore
Least Eldritch Eye
Minor Eldritch Eye
Lesser Eldritch Eye
Greater Eldritch Eye
Major Eldritch Eye
Eldritch Eye Lord
Petty Eldritch Eye
Magic Item: Arcane Orb
Magic Item: Eldritch Eyestalk Wand
Equivalent Hit Die System
Minimum Experience Point Award System

"AND NOW, A WARNING: My Shadowdark products add further level of complexity to the rules and to play than a typical Shadowdark player might desire. The difference in complexity is about that between the Basic rules of a game and the Advanced rules. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FURTHER COMPLEXITY IN YOUR GAME. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!"

So let's pick this up right from here on the blog. Now I personally don't play the Shadowdark rpg. That being said James Mishler is a friend of mine & ages ago I promised I'd do something with Expanded Monsters: Eldritch Eyes for the Shadowdark RPG. And Eldritch Eyes has been sitting on my hard drive & I keep looking at Castles & Crusades. Now something springs to mind with the Eldritch Eyes. The eyes are in essence everything awesome about the beholders boiled down to it's dark and moody parts. Now for Castles and Crusades I can see this species playing a major part as a major antagonist species. Here your going to see me as a DM rip into Eldritch Eyes & rip it apart as a supplement. 

So what you've got here is a beholder analog complete with magic items ready to go into your Castles & Crusades campaign! Need an evil Chaos cult & one that the players won't be expecting because these things only appear in the 'world's most popular fantasy rpg'? Here you go! 
The Eldritch Eyes are perfect avitars of Chaos & horror for your C&C campaigns. You've got the least the Eldritch Eyes as an opener dungeon monster. And then what you do as a DM is go into the Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure book, take your favorite monster then add in the Eldritch Eyes powers too that monster. The excuse?! Well those are Chaos mutations &  powers that the monsters have  aquired! 

And this sorta of Chaos invasion keeps builting as hives of  Eldritch Eyes start showing up in unexpected places. You get villages taken over by these things, infrastructure, and even wilderness outposts as the Eyes push deeper into the campaign setting. Why?! Because this is only the beginning of the Eldritch Eyes invasion! Now regular 'beholders's are lawful evil but Eldritch Eyes are Chaotic. And that's a big difference because let's face facts Chaos is better. The evil of the eyes can spread across a multiplicity of planes easily. Why? Because of Chaos! 

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