Monday, June 12, 2023

Into The Tomb Holds & Forgotten Temples of The ancient city of Shale-Chuun In Thieves Guild 2 - Thieves Guild By GameLord Ltd. & Castles & Cruasades Rpg Campaigns

 "Roam the stone corridors in the burial vaults of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun, Match wits with the tomb designers of old to detect and disarm diabolically devious devices of doom (say that three times fast!). Leave with treasure worth a kingdom, or maybe you won't leave at all ..."

"And ten highwaymen encounters, plus expanded rules for handling combat, magic, and hireling procurement, and much, much, more "

So let's talk Thieves Guild 2 here which was published in 1980 by Gamelords Ltd.  and it's uses with a Castles & Crusades rpg campaign. We're gonna pick it up right from here on the blog where we talked about The Thieves Guild rules  additions & suppplements.  And here we're going to zoom into Thieves Guild 2 for more underworld & criminal based details. Thieves Guild 2 covers highwaymen encounters and bandit encounters. So your low level PCs can get robbed on thier way too the tombs. And not simply encounters might you but adventures for players PC's to be the highwaymen. So that the PC's can procure coin and get into the act of hiring hirelings. Thier going to need them when they journey into the stone corridors in the burial vaults of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun. Everything within Thieves Guild 2 is centered around temple looting & tomb robbery. 
For a thief and criminal centric adventures in Castles & Crusades rpg campaigns the focus is going to be with ancient ruin centric adventures. And 
the ancient city of Shale-Chuun is no Sunday drive. This is a nasty and dangerous adventure in which the player's PC's are in solid danger. DM's are going to have to be aware that lower tier means lower tier when it comes to PC levels. Because Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper's Guide has level adjustments using the ancient city of Shale-Chuun shouldn't present too much of a problem. 

The ancient city of Shale-Chuun, is a trap ridden horror waiting to be sprung on the PC's the second that they enter. And if you think I'm kidding think again. There is enough here to keep a party going for more then a few sessions. And when a party grows to confident there's several options that a DM has. Option one which we took is to expand the ruins and roll up even more rooms. Option two which also used is that the culture of  Shale-Chuun is still using the ancient cemetary. And they were none too pleased with our group of thieves. And option three was to hint at and expand on the levels of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun.
And we used the lands of desert surrounding the ruins of the 
 city of Shale-Chuun as being the grazing area of the desert guardians of the city. And these were more then happy to kill and torture any interlopers they ran across. We had several of our own party ransomed back us for the trinkets we had liberated from the tombs. But why use an artifact like Thieves Guild Two?! The fact is that many of the Gamelords ltd products were and are consigned to the discount bins of hobby and game shops. Many folks don't know of the quality of these products. Thieves Guild two therefore is not well known today at all. 

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