Tuesday, June 6, 2023

OSR Commentary On Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands Kickstarter For Your Old School Campaigns

Alright so Mark Taormino has another "Maximum Mayhem Dungeons" kickstarter up and this one looks like it ties directly into as a homage of B2 Keep on the Borderlands. His Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands would be an exceptional companion piece for that classic adventure. Why?! Because of the fact that Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands could be used to fill in the gaps for the rest of the humanoid army within B2. Look at the set up that the author has created within his maps & the locations of MMDO. These locations line right up with B2's in a side ways fashion as a very well done tribute to the original module. 

 Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands is well done & even though it's for a lower level party of adenturers it hits the high notes within the module's background. And it's this adapability that allows a DM to move the Hamlet of Taldren into thier own version of the Borderlands. 
Now knowing the author as I do I can tell you that he's been busy filling in the NPC's within Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands.

The fact is that there is a very well thought out background & adventure plot within Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands. Why is this important? Because it allows the DM to slot the whole village and adventure into thier own Adventurer, Conqeuror, King campaign or because there's a fifth edition version into Castles & Crusades. 
For ACK's  Village on the Borderlands would work well as a side quest where the PC's have to save the Hamlet of Taldren from the forces of Chaos before embarking deep into the adventure plot of 

Capital of the Borderlands.  And Village of the Borderlands's plot highlights the dangers of the forces of Chaos that threaten the entire campaign even this small corner of it. 

For Castles & Crusades Village on the Borderlands is going to be much more involved affair as it pits the characters into the role of cannon erm heroes. Yes heroes who must rise up and deal with the forces of Chaos that threaten the entire campaign. And this could well result in an entire party's death and wipe out! Mark does not make it easy on the party within his campaigns. 

Do I think that supporting Dark Wizard Games Kickstarter is a great idea?! Without a doubt in my mind,Mark Taormino has proven himself time and again within his Kickstarters bringing more to the table top time and again. This will be Mark's fourteenth Kickstarter projects and one that I will be supporting without a doubt. 

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