Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Weirdness In The Desert - Cha'alt & Breaking The House Campaign

"The Black Pyramid is like nothing you've ever seen before.  Unique design, purpose, feel, magic items, NPCs, monsters, factions, motives, agendas, strangeness, the works!
There's a decent amount of setting detail besides dungeoncrawling - space opera bar, domed city, mutants, weird ass elves, desert pirates, a city ruled by a gargantuan purple demon-worm, and much more!"

I've been quietly contemplating & looking at various troops, ideas, etc. for my Cha'alt/Godbound campaign that I've been working on. Supposedly I've been sick since the otherday?! Well that hasn't stopped various players, folks from contacting me etc. all feeding me a bit of inspiration here & there. Meanwhile work keeps on moving along at a very rapid pace. But Cha'alt is the deal of the day on Drivethrurpg 

Cha'alt is ten parts mega dungeon & three parts campaign setting unto itself. So its sorta of like an upsend of Dune mixed with equal parts Venger/D&D/Lovecraft/every single B science fiction movie desert setting that its creator/writer  could watch. But where does that leave Godbound?! I mentioned just the other day about Cha'alt invading a plane Prime Los Vegas with my Cha'alt elevator pitch on the blog the other day. 
I think that the 'Breaking The House' campaign is a go But where does that leave Godbound?! 
Right where they've always been. Right here on Earth watching & waiting for the day when the parasite god deep in the heart of the dungeon was going to make his move on Earth. The cults of Cha'alt have been observing Vegas for years & they've been sending scouts in here & there. Given Vegas's already a weirdness magnet would anyone even notice a couple of alien in strange desert get up?! Probably not.

But the Ceazar of the fictious casino of the same name sure has & he his legions are watching for the moment. He's been watching & waiting builting up some of the best troops &  equipment his uncle Vulcan can manage to smuggle in. His legions are growing by leaps & bounds as his units of soldiers continue their expansion. But several wizards have cults just outside of town nefarious goings on have taken the notice of others.

Several immortals & witches of Hecate have gathered in the darker corners of the city watching & waiting. The scions of the goddess Hecate herself have taken it upon themselves to make contact with the organ market deep in the city of Vegas. This version of Hecate is straight out of Kuntz & Ward's Dieties & Demigods. These cults don't like people messing with their terrority.

 They have noticed a strange drug has been floating into the city's black markets. Several of their worshipers have died & their clerics have done battle with alien demons in the city's back alleys.

Vegas Sign artwork by 

Strange thieves & criminals have begun to muscle in on the drug scene in the city, But several of the clerics of Mercury have had pitched battles with these bastards. Things are not going well as just outside of Reno a demon worm manifested in the desert! Could this be the end or the end of the beginning?! 

Adventurers, strangers, & weirdos keep appearing in remote corners of the desert. 

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