Thursday, October 24, 2019

Review & Commentary On Castles & Crusades Rpg The Hanged Man Adventure By Davis Chenault For Castles & Crusades Or Your OSR Game System

"A long journey under an azure sky filling with brackish, boiling clouds ends at a large oak tree. Here, from a muscled branch, a man hangs limply by a thick rope strangled around his neck. Beyond, a dim, rising, yellow moon silhouette’s a village. Snaking, ashy tendrils of smoke coil above rooftops, lights glitter in windows while a miasmal fog creeps down upon the village from freshly churned fields. Then, as sudden as lightening, a fife and fiddle begin a joyous tune. This stops as abruptly as it started. All that now can be heard is a rope straining and groaning with the weight of the hanged man.
A bizarre and humorous adventure where absolution is as important as keeping one’s head."

I picked up Castles & Crusades 'The Hanged Man'  adventure up from Drivethrurpg to sort of take a break from my writings & ramblings on about Godbound/Cha'alt for a moment. The adventure clocks in about nineteen pages & the layout as well as cartography are up to Castles & Crusades rpg standings.
This is a Halloween themed adventure & since I've been reading through the old Dragon Magazine Halloween issues the Castles & Crusades 'The Hanged Man'  adventure is a welcome bridge gap adventure. But be warned this is middle of the road & higher level adventure for the Castles & Crusdes rpg. The adventure is solidly done but its for PC levels 4 -6. Note that Castles & Crusades goes up to level ten but that ten is a king of the land or lady royal queen. 

The adventure location, the adventure elements, circumstances, etc. are all handled with a deft hand by writer/designer Davis Chenault. He turns in a solid adventure with all of the bells & whistles that you expect from Troll Lord games. The material here is straight up fun & very much in the vein of old school Halloween & Dungeons & Dragons weirdness.
I don't want to give the adventure details & Halloween horror themes away in 
Castles & Crusades 'The Hanged Man'  adventure but this adventure wouldn't be out of place being dropped into a Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign.  The Hanged Man has legs enough to be run with a solid OSR system behind it.
With a bit of work I can see simply dropping this adventure into the Ravenloft setting. 

All in all Castles & Crusades 'The Hanged Man'  adventure is a solid go too adventure for experienced Castles & Crusades Rpg players & their characters. The adventure ideas here are original enough to keep the DM interested & the players coming back for the three or so sessions that it would take to run this advenure. Would I run Castles & Crusades 'The Hanged Man'  adventure? Well I bought the adventure with my own cash & so in a word yes! For some reason Drivethrurpg isn't taking my reviews today? But no matter I've already emailed them & I've got another trick up my sleeve.

There's Castles & Crusades NPC Almanac! kickstarter & this thing has been going & going. I've been keeping track of it & it looks amazingballs for the Castles & Crusades fans.


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