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Cha'alt / Godbound rpg - Session Zero Character Workshop Part II & Lovecraftian Adventure Location - The Winter Realms

What do you as a dungeon master do if things go a bit too well for your zero session?! One of my players right now is going over & making his PC with Godbound/Cha'alt. I've got another possible player coming up for this campaign. Originally I planned for this to be a one shot mini campaign to explore the system & create some adventures for a few months. Well that plan seems to have gone to crap! I kept staring at the cover of issue #42 of The Dragon magazine. That cover got me thinking about the Godbound product line & a specific book. 

I began to think about Godbound's Ancalia: The Broken Towers adventure/source book. This book is really interesting with some very different OSR takes on undead, fae, etc. I'd say that its one of the core books for Godbound in my opinion.  Its got a very different African Middle ages mythology feel about it. But its the book's take on the Fae that has me interested. Basically the Fae in Ancalia: The Broken Towers are the humans who have evolved into Fae during the time of the storming of Heaven.
So yeah these are not Fairies in the traditional sense but something else. The Dragon issue #42 has articles about adventuring on the inner planes. I've already mentioned the Tolgey Wood on this blog. The endless woods that are under the realms of Fairyland & connected with the lands of Fairy. Realms of dark woodland, endless forests, shadows so deep that they allow nightmares from the  the plane of Shadow to haunt these same woods.  The Tolgey woods are so vast that they are part of the endless Winter Realm of the kingdoms of ice. Places where the winds of the para plane of ice blows through the trees & its only Summer for one day of the year.  This is the realm of the immortal kings & queens of ice & snow. Some of these border the wastelands of the great wastelands of Cha'alt but these were blown open during the War of the Great Old Ones. 

John Elwood BundyWoods in Winter 

Royals whose power comes from the heart of the plane of ice & whose kingdoms are constantly raided by the chaos  forces of the Great Old One The Wendigo. These kingdoms are the realm of the frost kings & queens. Many of the richest dungeons & ruins are within the territory of 'Old Man Winter'. Glittering ice jewels full of mystic power & dripping with darkness tempt many a foolish adventurer.

Winter – Night – Old Age and Death (from the times of day and ages of man cycle of 1803)By Caspar David Friedrich

The minions of Old Man Winter also constantly look for the souls of mortals at the edges of the Winter Realm. They drag them off to the edges of Hell to bargain for occult power & hell fire to keep warm against the elemental storms that rage through this region. Yeti stalk the edges of these storms for man flesh to eat.

Yeti Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual first edition

So this adventure setting comes from the New England tradition of telling ghost stories in Winter & around Christmas. The Winter Realms are directly inspired by Castle & Crusades 'Monsters & Treasure' book & the Castles & Crusades 'The Codex Slavorum' book both of whose monsters, classes are converted over into Godbound for all intents & purposes. C&C has to be converted completely over to make it usable & this is one of the strengths of Castles & Crusades in its flexibility.

A dungeon master has to use one system to take care of all the needs of the campaign & this is why I'm sticking with the Godbound system. The whole affair is me using some of my older campaign notes & stretching some of the D&D elements into a usable whole of a campaign setting.
How will the player's PC's fare? Only time will tell folks but I've got plans within plans coming up! 

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