Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Quick Review and Commentary On 'The Pay What You Like ' Issue of Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #2 (PDF) From Small Niche Games

This is a pay what you want download

I'm always looking for new and interesting OSR source material to use with science fantasy and space based games. The fill in what you like attitude of the folks over at small niche games is just right for my DYI gaming needs. The latest pay what you want issue #2 of Brave The Labyrinth continues with this creed and expands on it with some awesome material.
This issue features the following : 

Brave the Labyrinth is a quarterly fanzine published by Small Niche Games for the Labyrinth Lord™ roleplaying game community. It consists of fan-created material designed to cover all types of Labyrinth Lord™ and Advanced Edition Companion™ gaming.
In this Issue you get: 
-Five (5) New Magic Spells
-Six (6) New Monsters
-Two (2) Unstocked Village Maps
-One (1) Elite Orc War Party
-Nine (9) New Magic Items
-One (1) New Pantheon
-One (1) "Drop In" Locale (Carnival of the Setting Sun)
-Articles on designing 0-level humans, being a better gamer, a review of the adventure GT2 Come Hell or High Water, and submission guidelines for Issue #3!
Download Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #2 for FREE!
Uses for Space Based or Science Fantasy Gaming

Most of this material is Labyrinth Lord based and easily converted into many of the retroclone systems including 99% of the retroclones on the market. This also further expands its range into Mutant Future with little adjustment on the DM's part. 
The five new spells are very easily adaptable into a wide variety of science fantasy situations. 
The six new monsters are very useful and could be used to stock an alien space wreck or some some nasty corner of an alien world just waiting for adventurers to blunder into them. 

The two unstocked villages are perfect for any science fantasy game where you might need a 'spooky town' set of ruins to throw your PC's in the deep end of things. 
The elite orc party is a down right nasty encounter and simply give them some phaser rifles or blasters & your ready to go! 
The nine new magic items are completely ready for stocking your latest space citiadel or ruin. They might also be the goal of a mini adventure as well. 
The New Pantheon is a nice set of gods for a human or near human society.
The carnival of the Setting Sun is twisted and dangerous for any retroclone gaming system. 

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