Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Don't Even Fix A Price - Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Actual Play Session Report II

Further bits from last night's Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea game with DM Steve.

We began the exploration of the inner workings of the sink hole with our two thieves repelling into the void with a pair of expensive silk & spiderweb ropes we had picked up back in the capital. They had short swords & mini wrist cross bows in the ready. We didn't have long to wait till we heard the descent stop short & the stomach churning realization that our thieves weren't alone! They had a narrow escape being suspended above the damned of Underborea!

Ilustration by Jason Sholtis 

Even with our large group of players we were in deep trouble! We dropped a giant rock on the sink hole hopefully sealing it in. There were dark forces at work here & we tracked the sufuric acid from a nearby river to a series of lava tubes. That's when we ran into the black necromancer's Pict cannibal mercenaries! 

At that moment my warlock been fiddling with a scroll of chain lightning that I grabbed a couple of games ago in the tomb of a dread Ixian wizard condemned to the cold Hells. But now his loss was my party's survival. The eldritch lightning bounced around & scattered the cannibals! We made our escape as our Ixian wizard collapsed the tube with a handy spell. We made our way back to the shore and called the ferry man! We found a few coins to pay the demonic bastard god! 

The junk appeared out of the mists & now we're on the path of a slaver who hired us in the first place! He's cleared the village & solid the population into slavery in the search for the village treasure but a necromancer double crossed the slaver when the volcano lair of the Ancients was found. Now we have to make sure we get home in one piece with our souls in tacit. 

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