Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Don't Even Fix A Price - Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Actual Play Session Report

Tonight I took a break from being behind the screen to take a break & get into playing within my friend DM Steve's rotating Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea game in Litchfield,Ct. So once again I dusted off my Hyperborean warlock character Mojin Wormus. This would be my fifth or so game in this campaign.

I met the rest of the party down on the docks around Butcher's Bay & we heard the lamenting other worldly bell of the Piasus the Ixian short stock junk  ship that we were meeting. We were a grim bunch with our ruin graver Davis Bloodbear quietly getting his spells ready by his side the dark natured & haunted Amazon fighter Nazen. Nazen's  wife Gurta an Amazon  cryomancer of no small worth. Our Ixian wizard Braear The Unknowable was a wizard whose soul had been sold to four different demon lords & who bared the tattooed mark of ownership & trustfulness of his former masters of the dark arts. Our Pict Shaman Haro The Hairy One stood next to his sons the thieves Yul & Nul. The priest Val stood next to our witch Chura the Blooded One.
We were on a mission to slay undead on an island infested with these horrors! We knew something was wrong the moment we stepped on the ship & wind blew up with storm clouds on the horizon.

A few hours later we found ourselves in the middle of storm of epic scale. Winds howled, the rains tore us & the crew to pieces. But it was the captain suddenly demanding payment in the middle of the storm that told us something was very wrong! Our priest was able to turn the captain that was revealed to be some sort of undead horror. Bits & pieces started to fly off of the ship as it came apart around us. Everything went black.

We awoke on the shores of the island with bits of the ship around us. We also found a monk down shore who had been washed up on shore from an earlier ship wreck. Walking into the middle of a deserted village we found a huge crater like hole that went down into the bowels of the island. Our party of cut throats ran straight into an apportion as night closed in around the village. Some fast team work between our priest & the shaman made short work of this horror with some very excellent rolls by the players. 

We decided to camp outside of the village with guards posted on shifts. We were nervous & still saw the junk's captain at different points but it was only illusion. We began to explore the island's evirons coming across a river of bright neon green water. The stuff proved to be sulfuric acid bubbled up from the nearby volcano. We manged to piece together the source of the acid & the forces that were at work in & around the volcano. But this sink hole in the middle of the village & its a hazard that might get the PC's killed if not taken over. 

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