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Into Bowels Of The Caverns Of Tsathoggua - The Volcano Lands Olathoë' Session Report Twelve

The caves of Needleham partially give up some of their forbidden secrets but the lost & the damned are being harrowed within a monstrous cave with far weirder goings on! Savage monsters & lost travelers from other dimensions, weird worlds, & even other multiverses are being dragged to this distant corner of  Earth but for what sinister purpose?!
Strange & savage horrors awaited our heroes in today's game! Miners have uncovered a horrid secret & activated a sinister system while they line their pockets with gold! But is this at the cost of men's lives & souls?!
What went down in the Wanton Wench foreshadowed the weirdness of the caves surrounding Needleham.

An adventurer from Needleham realizing how much trouble he's in!
 In today's game the party's bard performed to a packed tavern full of miners between shifts. The mine owners & bosses had a meeting at the back private rooms of the tavern. The party's bard & his bodyguard made their way towards the back of the tavern to observe the goings on. Miners tossed the bard a few coppers but the poor fool's heart wasn't in his song.
The miners went over to the leader of the village of Needleham's house and bard observed a very dangerous bunch of mercenaries guarding a gold wagon outside of the village guild hall. The mine bosses and shift managers were on their way over the village leader's home. What had they uncovered in the mine in Needleham & how was it connected with events in Gingum?

Our bard busted into the meeting at the villager leader's house where he learned that gold production in the mines was up over 80% ( this was a result of neutron star engines powering the dimensional gate machinery within the mine).
This resulted in the bard offering the party's services if the miners would shut down the mine for two weeks. The mine owners offered to pay the party of outlaws & adventurers 1500 gold pieces to find out what had been eating the miners & disrupting both towns. Actually the never shut down production & wanted to get rid of the interfering bard and his bodyguard.The party of adventurers entered the mine only to come face to face with a three headed demonic toad thing that had eaten a royal mining inspector from Gingum. The giant aberration coughed up a set of expensive boots, a belt & buckle, an enchanted dagger of the +2 variety and an expensive jacket.

Simon and friend NPC's who have been turned upside down within my home game.

The demon thing wasn't aggressive only having fed mere days before and made no move on the party much to the adventurers dismay. They kept expecting to run into a mold, slime or flesh eating ooze. Instead they ran into a mad wizard who kept making fun of them to the point of getting a cross bow bolt to the shoulder. The former wizard was mad out of his head and finally passed out from blood loss. That's when the party met Simon a Lovecraftian other dimensional traveler and scientist from another universe that informed them of the mysterious and deadly mechanism that that transported unsuspecting travelers from other dimensions. The miners had accidentally activated the thing burrowing into the junk tunnel of the cave complex. The caves however were growing as weird purple and rainbow crystal shafts were pushing their way into the caverns.
Each time the other dimensional mechanism activates all of the crystals glow, shake the caves, & the caverns seem to expand making the players more then a little nervous. That's when weird rainbow effects sometimes filled the air. One of the players mentioned,'What's next flying monkeys?'. Which of course a troupe of demonic flying monkeys  happened to appear!?

The troupe of monkeys were armed with large bronze swords & have been terrorizing many of the caverns inhabitants which included a new other worldly wizard!? This gaudily dressed wizard with his two war dogs proceeded to attack the monkeys which flew off and screamed at the party from the rafters of the cave works. Simon told the party that these monkey monsters worked from some other dimensional insect headed horrors who seemed to be behind all of the goings on(BTW they're not).
Finally the party decided to investigate the other caverns?! But by then it was about one A.M. in the morning and we decided to call it a night.
I've dropped in a heavily  modified version of  Venger Satanis's Slaves of Tsathoggua adventure from his Trinity of Awesome +1 adventure anthology. 

This book is an anthology collection of adventures that can be dropped into any existing campaigns.  Slaves of Tsathoggua is ideally suited for exactly the sort of other dimensional weirdness that I'm going for. The book itself contains contains the following adventures: Slaves of Tsathoggua, A Green Jewel They Must Possess, Slippery When Wet, and Death Race: Fury Road.


What the party doesn't know is that the caverns contain not only the secrets of the Green & Silver death but a very deadly NPC whose more then happy to kill off the entire party if the opportunity presents itself. There's also the renegade necromancer hired by Gingum's mine owners to get rid of the monster in the mines there. Both Needleham & Gingum's mine works have in fact tunneled into several rare & highly unstable other dimensional crystal caches  created by the Serpent men millions of eons ago which power the other dimensional mechanisms currently snatching other worldly travelers from their home universes.
Next time the party will be meeting some of the other worldly NPC's & there are several very dangerous Lovecraftian monster NPC's who would love to eat erm meet the PC's!!?!

Trinity of Awesome +1
Adventure Anthology Is Able Here

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