Monday, March 5, 2018

Gary Gygax Day Mini Game One Off Session Report - GW1 Legion of Gold By Gary Gygax With Luke Gygax & Paul Reiche III

So its another year that Gary Gygax has passed & all of my friends of on their way to Gary Con. 
The Gygax family gets together with hundreds of their father's friends, colleges, admirers, & fans. Gary Gygax passed in '08 & like so many gamers I was devastated.
Back about '10 I was ready to make the pilgrimage to  Lake Geneva Wisconsin the birth place of original edition of  Dungeons & Dragons. Well, life simply changes the direction we take & my own father took sick with Parkinson's disease a gift from his time in Vietnam another life time ago. My family needed me & stepped up to take on more of the sewing machine repair service. I still haven't make it to Gary Con but my father is doing much better. But I still had to celebrate the life of one of the remarkable men who created Dungeons & Dragons along with so many other classic games & adventures.
I broke out GW1 Legion of Gold & contacted some friends about a game of Gamma World second edition.We had made PC's a couple of weeks ago for fun but it was time to break out the classic module to celebrate Mr. Gygax's life & legacy. I've run GW1 numerous times,its a sort of an adventure with a frame work of anthological  encounters woven around the hub of Horn. The GW1  adventure takes  place in a post-apocalyptic southern Wisconsin the very stomping grounds of Gary Gygax & the TSR crew.

Each of the players was a "pure strain human" army trooper whose been woken up from Cryo sleep way after a the Shadow Years & everything has gone. All of the PC's were human except for two who were mutants that had been mutated in their sleep by 'strange radiations'.
The game went very fast & very well beginning at 4:00 pm & ending at about 1:00 A.M. on Sunday. The marathon cost three characters but these were replaced by mix of more mutants from 'the Scarlet Army'. These guys were straight army commandos  from a classic Atomic era 50's & 60's monster movie. The Buggems  mobbed the  PC's but they  found some great  loot but the fact is that I was running GW1 like a convention style game. The players actually retreated & regrouped with the insect mutants!

The module is very well laid out & still rocked! The adventure & players actually provided the background & ideas for the Gamma World game world. There were some solid ideas that I'll be stealing! The game went fast and everyone's played in numerous Gamma World mini games of mine!

Gary Gygax Day's mini game came off without a hitch but there were some interesting things that happened. Because we used Gamma World first edition the PC's were subject to a lot of random pit falls, disease, etc. The exploration part went very well but some of the random encounters were quite deadly & GW first edition emulates late night classic Atomic Age monster movies a bit too well. The combat is deadly as hell & in some respects I kinda prefer a mixture of Gamma World first & second edition. All in all a fine weekend of old school play & man beware the Buggems kids!

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